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Podcast Dreaming: The Making of ‘Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin’

You guys, I started a podcast!

Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin has had it’s official first episode release and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you after months of planning.


Bildo and Lindalin hard at work

Let me tell you the story, here’s the story…

An idea

A few months ago, probably in the middle of the night when all good ideas are formed, I had a thought to start a podcast.

I knew nothing about podcasts and how to create one from scratch.


Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

But the idea was to create one that will be my blog personified. I wanted to talk about funny shit like long term relationship sex and housewives wearing lingerie.

After very little thought and a lot of gut following, I decided to do it! Cue a bunch of research and a bunch of thinking… *elevator music*

And then, an idea that jolted my body with such force hit me and I just knew I found my co-host!

Not that she knew it yet…

Meet Lindalin

I’d like to introduce you to one of my best and oldest (no shit, she’s like, 40) friends, Lyndsey Kirkwood!

fb cover

Splashity Splash!

She doesn’t like this photo, but this is my blog so too bad.

Lindalin, as I like to call her, was a natural choice for my podcast because she’s open, funny and just the right amount of opinionated (crazy).

When I came to her pretty house to talk to her about it, I was beyond excited! I was positively buzzing. I’m sure I approached her with such aggression and words like “I don’t want to freak you out, but it’s you, I found you,” that she literally had no other option but to say yes.

We started having “business meetings” in restaurants, decided to name our show Wine Chats and the ideas, along with the wine, started flowing.

We got ourselves an office space, A.K.A. a teeny, tiny, perfect little room in her house and we officially had Wine Chats HQ.


Lindalin at Wine Chats HQ, listening to our first episode!

Now what?

Recording our first episode

After collecting all the gear I needed courtesy of Tom’s audio store, A.K.A., my dad’s house (which I raided), we were ready to record out first episode!

The scene was set, the tape was figuratively rolling, the wine was flowing…

…and our first recording ended up being approximately 45 minutes of absolute rambling.

We introduced ourselves for over 10 minutes, we had a billion side stories, it was a mess and what’s worse, it was a long-ass mess.

Excited as we were to have recorded our first episode, we realised that rambling was not exciting to listen to, not even to us. So we decided to drop the whole first episode, push our release back and start again!

In order to produce an episode we could be proud of, we needed to plan. It was time for more business meetings, but more importantly, more wine…


We talked and planned, practiced and wrote scripts. We took shit seriously. Turns out funny business is no funny business at all.

The following week, we tried again.

And we had SUCCESS! We had our episode.

Except… we fucked up the sound…

Meet Tom

Tom, my daddy-o, is our audio editor. Yep, my dad is now my employee. Granted, I’m not paying him (unless you count cuddles and letting him babysit my children) but nonetheless, he has agreed to take on the torturous task of listening to us laugh and get drunk in fine detail.

If you can imagine how excited me and Lindalin were that we had successfully recorded our first episode, this is how un-excited Tom was when he actually listened to the audio.

You see, he left me in charge of adjusting the sound and the microphones during recording. I was convinced that I did it right. I was super proud of myself.

Alas, it turns out that the recording was so quiet, that turning it up meant a whole lot of other trouble, such as sounding like we were recorded in a (wine) barrel.


Our recording studio with the blood, sweat and tears dripping out…

He implored us to re-record and I implored him to fix the fucking audio like I was paying him to.

Who do you think won?

Creating promo

Then it was time to create our promotional material because we are serious business women and that’s the kinda shit serious business women do.

We employed amateur photographer, the Husband, and budding videographer from B.V. Productions (also my 16 year old neighbour, Ben) and they created the kick ass photos we’ve been posting and this kick ass video that made us look like we’re in love…

Of course we had to get gorgeous because if you’re going to have photos taken that will be on the internet forever and ever, you need to look damn good, right?

So a special shout-out to Lala Hair Studio and Immaculate Makeup for glamming us up so we looked like the sexy bitches we are!

Announcing the release of Wine Chats!

Do you have any idea what it’s like to proclaim to the world that the thing that you’ve been tirelessly working on for months, your baby, your dream, will be released for them to judge? To like or not to like?

It’s fucking scary.

It’s scary to post up photos of yourself and promote yourself and to ask people to follow your journey.

It’s scary to hope that people will listen and it’s even scarier to find out whether they will like it enough to return for the next episode.

But fear is good. Like Susie says, we felt the fear, and we did it anyway.

Because the fear we felt was excitement. And what’s life without a bit of that?

And that’s a wrap…

I hope you’ve listened to our first episode and I hope you’ll listen to the second one because I truly believe in our little podcast.

If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t do it.

I ask for your support in sharing and spreading the word of our brand new venture, but more so, I ask your support us by actually listening and coming back every week!

Thank you again my loyal friends and fans and remember – don’t be a dick!

Love to you all, and until next time, clink!


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