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A Weekend With Bildo & Lindalin

What does a weekend away with Bildo & Lindalin look like?

This week we recount our kid-free weekend, fuelled by wine and TikTok and TV and wine and TikTok… And the best part? Staying up till at least 10:30pm!

But things got scary when it looked like there was an intruder in the house and escape plans had to be made.

Late Night Driving

In planning our ladies weekend away, I told Lyndsey that we should leave on Friday night so we can wake up on Saturday morning and have the whole weekend ahead of us.

If we had to leave on Saturday morning, I would be late, she would be late, by the time we even arrived to our destination, the fabulous Gold Coast, it would be time to pack up and go home.

But Lindalin is not a believer…

But Lindalin is not a believer and it took her a whole month of thinking it over to agree to leave Friday night. We had some drinks on, so really, we would just carry our evening on and finish it with a sleep over.

Aside from a few driving mishaps like missing an exit (veer left, VEER LEFT!) and accidentally driving way below the speed limit, we get to our holiday on Friday evening, in one piece.

Let our weekend commence!

Morning Coffee

Undoubtedly, one of our favourite things to do in the morning is drink coffee in peace. And that’s exactly what we did!

I threatened Lindalin not to wake me in the morning, planning a wonderful sleep in till 9am. But I disappointed us both by waking early. It turns out when you don’t get woken 50,000 times a night by toddlers needing water (and then the toilet), you sleep a normal amount and wake up at 7am. 

So here I am, chirpy af, coffee fuelled, and ready to rock and roll… Lindalin is in the kitchen making our first meal for the day and as I patiently wait to be fed, I can’t help but feel that although I left my kids and responsibilities behind, here is poor Lindalin, still catering for the children (me) around her. 


Breakfast Boobies!

As she serves me peanut butter and berries on an English muffin, I shower her with adoration ’cause let’s face it – I wasn’t gonna feed myself… 

Then we have our obligatory “Leave me alone whilst I scroll through my TikTok” time, and this is when I start watching Normal People, because Lindalin has been raving about this show for the longest time and I can no longer listen to her.

A bag of chips later, I realise Lindalin is having emotional issues over Normal People, so we stopped the binge prematurely and did the next best thing.

Cracked open a bottle of our finest Vandenberg!

Tik Tok and Away!

TikTok may be the highlight of my social media life, for realsies. It’s just so much fun.

Full of chips and tipsy on wine, we weren’t feelin’ ourselves, but we just couldn’t say no to Bradley…

Do you have any idea how much fun tipsy TikToking is?

No? You should find out!

Phrogger – Is That You?

But by far, the scariest part of our weekend was when Lindalin discovered something creepy as… An open door.

I got really scared, I did.

That door was not meant to be open. It’s not like a gust of wind would open it, it’s just not that kind of door.

It didn’t help that just recently I saw a movie called I See You which was about people who called themselves phroggers – they enter your house through a closing garage as you leave, and then they stay in your house for days without your knowledge – and spoiler alert – EVERYBODY DIES!

So Lindalin and I come up with a plan. 

First, we explore all escape routes. 

Then, we use our empty bottle of wine and place it in front of the now closed door. I say to Lynds, if someone opens the door, you will hear the bottle fall, so SCREAM! That should give me enough time to make my escape. I’ll come back for you, promise!

Whether I would or wouldn’t have, isn’t important… 

We Survived To Tell The Tale

Honestly, if there were phroggers in the house, they were peaceful and they left us on our merry way.

After a million TikTok’s, a ton of food from the middle of the food pyramid and a bottle of wine that (almost) saved our lives, our weekend was at it’s end and it was time to return to the real world, full of tiny, noisy love.

And you better believe that I was messaging Lindalin that I missed her hours after arriving home.

On that romantic note, peace out, be good, and remember – don’t be a dick!




Episode #58 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Taylors Wines.

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