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Why Women’s Gossip Magazines Should Burn In Hell

Since I’ve had my daughters, I’ve become a lot more conscious of what surrounds them, but more importantly, what I surround myself with.

I used to love women’s gossip magazines! They were entertaining and I loved keeping up with the lives of the rich and the famous.

But that was before.

Now that I’m a grown ass woman, I understand the impact of these horrible ‘entertainment news’ magazines. Because they are not entertaining, and they are definitely not news. They are mean. They are bullies. And they are outdated.

So why are women’s gossip magazines still in print? And how do they contribute to the society we all strive for? Let’s explore.

By the time it hits the stands, its already out of date

Almost everything they print in these stupid magazines has been sourced from social media.

By the time I pick up the magazine, that photo of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper looking at each other lovingly has been circulated on all forms of social media about a billion and one times.

And there’s no way they’re going to tell me something I already don’t know because I can see updates online as they appear. They simply can’t beat that!

For a printed magazine to stand the test of time these days, they have to be relevant for a whole WEEK! At least! And if they can’t do that, then they shouldn’t waste their time writing it.

They print bullshit

And then they decide to write it anyway. And they write absolute filth.

I can assure you right now that when they come up with bullshit headlines like “George Begs: Please Come Home” – well, let us be assured that George didn’t tell an inside source that he and Amal are having marital problems so they could sell it to a shitty magazine like OK!

Current issue of OK Magazine Image Credit: MagShop

Like, who actually believes this crap?

And let’s not get me started on a headline like ‘Lose 6kg In 3 Weeks!’

Actually, let’s.

They make women feel bad about themselves

Who the fuck thinks it’s healthy to lose 6 kilos in 3 weeks???

Who the fuck thinks it’s healthy to be selling these ideas to women?

Are we not sick of this shit?

Are we not sick of making women feel like they have to look like photoshopped celebrities?

Lili Reinhart Photoshopped for Cosmo Philippines Image Credit: EOnline

Even celebrities are getting sick of looking like photoshopped celebrities.

Are we not past all this?

Like, just fuck off and stop putting this shit into women’s heads.

A bad influence on a struggling society

As women, we are inundated with messages about our bodies and everyone seems to have an opinion on how we should look. 

Reading through these magazines has me feeling like I’m too fat, ugly and wrinkly and the only hope in the world I have is that $80 moisturizer, the $60 highlighter and the 6 minutes a day of ab workouts that is sure to give me the fantastic body I’m striving for.

Us women are buying into everything they say.

But you know what I’m really striving for that these magazines have no interest in?

A healthy mind.

They don’t care about women feeling good about themselves because a woman who feels good about herself doesn’t feel the need to buy the products they are force feeding down her throat.

A woman who feels good about herself doesn’t need to buy a fucking magazine that is telling her that losing 6 kilos in 3 weeks is a clever thing to do. Because a woman that feels good about herself knows that losing the weight would be easy, but week 4 will get ya. It will get ya good.

These magazines don’t teach women to love themselves as they are. They don’t support women in all their shapes and sizes and colours and beauty.

They want us to fit into the world that they have created, the beauty standard that they rule. The standard that changes every season so they can sell their stupid overpriced clothes and face products and make up.

And we are falling for it! Us women are buying into everything they say.

Well, ladies, we need to stop that shit.

And the gossip is just bullying

The so called gossip they are writing about is straight up horrible stuff.

They pick on these people like it’s their right to or comment about the size of pregnant celebrities or supposed cellulite they are “suffering” from.

Maybe your soul needs surgery.

They print horrible articles about celebrities struggling with addiction, printing all their private details during difficult times.

It’s sick and in their effort to make celebrities seem “just like us” they are actually bullying them and exaggerating things about their looks in an attempt to make us feel better about ourselves.

Really? Does reading about celebrities with cellulite make you feel good about yourself?

Maybe your soul needs surgery.

A glimmer of hope

There are so many inspirational women who are starting to speak up about the way women are made to feel in the media and in society. I implore you to check out stories like why Alicia Keys stopped wearing makeup, and see some of her red carpet appearances where she has come out looking like the natural, talented beauty that she is.

Alicia Keys 2016 MTV Music Awards Image Cred: Beauty Crew

Please also check out and follow movements like I_Weigh that The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil has started. It’s about celebrating all the wonderful things you came into this world with and about all the great things you picked up along the way.

Only we can make a difference by not supporting the media and beauty industry who are trying to make us believe that we are not worthy.

You don’t need that product or that hair to feel good about yourself.

You don’t need slimming tea or the secret to losing weight within a few weeks.

What you need is to fight against the supposed authority that’s telling you that you are not good enough the way you are.

We are all different and I know this is cheesy and I know you’ve heard it all before, but we should be celebrating what’s different about us, not striving to all look like the same person with the shiny hair, lovely nails and designer clothes.

These magazines are not hearing us – we don’t want fat shaming, we don’t want to shame celebs without makeup or with cellulite, we don’t want to be fed this toxic shit.

We want peace and freedom to be ourselves without feeling like there’s something wrong with that.

Let me leave you with the biggest but truest cliche of them all – be the change you want to see in the world. Do it for my daughters and for yours.

Thanks for stopping by ya’ll, be kind to yourselves and remember – don’t be a dick!

Love, B.

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