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When the Only Answer is Wine

In my very educated opinion there is only one thing to do when you’re in the weeds at work, your good morning hair now looks the equivalent of having been dragged through a bush backwards and your last meeting ran so long that you’re going to miss Pilates. Glass half empty? Hell no.

Ahh, the dreaded bad case of the Wednesdays. There are those Wednesdays when all you want to do is curl up at home with a bottle of wine, hugging it close, drinking it alone while listening to your new favourite podcast, Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin.

But we live in a city brimming with all manners of places to turn this Wednesday (or Monday, Tuesday…) into Glass Half Full – Of Wine. We are going to salvage today together, glorious and talented reader. Come with me to some of my favourite haunts when only wine will do.

The coziest of wine bars, tucked down an unassuming street in Newstead, you may often find you have the place almost to yourself during the week. A genuine hole-in-the-wall that maxes out at an intimate 25 seats, this is the place to bring a good book or a good friend and be prepared to be wowed by the uber friendly and knowledgeable sommelier, Mark Whitaker. A true local’s haunt where the regular guest is remembered. A bad day will be made good here in no time.

22 Wyandra Street, Teneriffe

They might have an unbelievably steller food menu but this has become my ‘pop in for a cheeky one’ joint and I love, love it. It has personality in spades as it’s in a heritage-listed Queensland National Bank building, dripping in Euro wine bar coolness and serving an incredibly impressive wine list. No Amber Appendage sold here, so if you need a tipple of the highest order to shuffle off the day, grab a seat at the bar or a by the window overlooking the bustling street – you can thank me later.

39 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

One of the best new openings of 2019, and for good reason, this adorable gem and former brick storage bunker on Burnett Lane is a little slice of Spanish heaven right in the city. In fact, my former workplace back door opened almost right on Alba so it’s done me a solid on many curly days in the office. Plus, if it’s just you shaking off the day with a glass, they’ve got the impossible-to-resist pintxos plates to keep you company.

34 Burnett Lane, Brisbane

Yes, their wine list is great but you’re coming here to get away from whatever you need to get away from today. It’s as close to a secret rooftop bar that you’ll find in New Farm and it’s the incredible views of the Story Bridge and glittering city skyline that will cleanse that frustrated soul of yours today. Lounging on the intimate balcony on a warm evening, you will forget the day you just had. Add in a glass of crisp French champagne and a sh*tty Wednesday might just be your new favourite day of the week.

37 Balfour St, New Farm

Ok, go with me on this. I know it has beer in the title. But this dirty food-filled, ridiculously fun Happy Hour has turned many a Wednesday frown upside down. Live music, the mystical magic of Crowd DJ (look up that app and then unleash your music tastes on an unsuspecting bar), $5 for not-the-worst red, white and sparkling and, AND, FREE SNACKS. It might not be a sultry wine bar but it fills a weekday, post work, hole in my life and for that, I’m forever thankful.

45 King St, Bowen Hills


Now that you know how much we love wine here at TBoB, we would love to hear of your favourite wine bars in BrisVegas. So hit us up in the comments and see you out there, beautiful people!

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