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TikTok and Away!

The first time I suggested to Lindalin that we should get ahead of the eight ball and enter the world of TikTok, her answer was a firm “NO. WAY.”

I didn’t push the subject because frankly I had no idea what TikTok was or what it  entailed. To me, it seemed to be the new fast food of social media, just a bunch of teenagers taking glorified selfies and dancing like monkeys.

It was fast, furious, and we are far too mature to be competing with 13 year olds. 

So, because we are classy business ladies, we did the thing we thought would catapult us into greatness.

We started a YouTube Channel.

Bildo and Lindalin Do You(Tube)

Correction – we tried starting a YouTube Channel.

Towards the end of last year, we had grand dreams of starting a YouTube show in 2020. We got a snazzy name (Bildo and Lindalin do You(Tube)) and we had a concept – we had everything – except a production crew.

The thing about having a YouTube channel is that what you end up producing has to be schmick. You can’t have low quality footage, you have to have good sound, and your concept has to be great, not good.

This all means that taking hand held videos with our phones just wasn’t going to cut it.

We recorded and recorded, filmed episodes where we made cocktails and opened wine boxes from sponsors. We planned our outfits and overdid our makeup to be camera ready.

None if it worked. It all seemed too put on, too try hard.

We ended up with our very first – and it now seems, our last – YouTube video.


And there it is.

So because YouTube was too fancy for us, we lowered our standards and ended up Tik Tok Obsessed.

Lindalin changes her tune…

One fine day, Lindalin comes out with an idea to end all ideas – we should try Tik Tok.

Cue smug Bildo.

After a few condescending “I told you so” comments from me, we got to researching. Which really just means we Tik Toked a hell of a lot.

And something we didn’t expect in a million years happened – we became obsessed!

The first time I started swiping up on TikTok, I got lost in a void that I emerged from entirely thrilled – and around 2 hours later. I learned all about the hashtags that worked on TikTok – entirely different from other social media platforms – and what trends to follow.

And so Lindalin and I embarked on our new platform and suddenly, I was shopping for excessive amounts of Tim Tams and whipped cream.

If you’re not a Tik Toker, I understand the apprehension to get started, because it took me and Lindalin a long time to work it all out. But with our promising YouTube career not so promising after all, Tik Tok was our saviour.

And fun as fuuuuuck!

That’s not to say you won’t also find us on Facebook and Instagram – those platforms are here to stay. And of course, they are completely going off!

So make sure you follow us where ever you are and remember – don’t be a dick!



Episode #43 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Vandenberg Wine.

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