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The Ugly Side of Media

What do you think when you hear the name Ellen DeGeneres?

I bet you don’t think about all the good she has done for the families who have graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the endless money she has given and donated to people in need, not to mention what she has done for the LGBTQ+ community with coming out of the closet on her show Ellen in the 90’s.

Which by the way, do you know the guts it would take to be honest with yourself and the world in the 90’s about your sexuality, especially being in her position as a television star with a much loved show on air at the time?

A ton of guts. A ton.

Hell, even Laura Dern (Susan in the above scene) has later come out and said she received death threats for her involvement in the episode.

What a sick world we live in when people can’t live and love the way they feel.

But anyway.

I bet that’s not what you think about when you think of Ellen.

Not now, since the infamous Ellen-Tweet-Gate went down.

Ellen mean tweets

Mean Tweets about Ellen, courtesy of Kevin T. Porter Twitter

You have to chew gum when you walk into her office?

For real??

Famous for a day

You can bet your ass that if I were famous and had my own office, I would probably have demands just as the apparently-ludicrous request that everyone chew gum when they walk into my space.

I would also force people to smell good, for their own good and mine, considering that I suffer from migraines and you really shouldn’t smell in public as a grown ass adult.


So all these apparently mean things that Ellen has done, are every day things that all of us have done at one point or another in our lives.

Except, no one is there keeping track of all the mean shit you’ve done. No one is there to eternally remind you of the time you apparently weren’t nice to a bodyguard who is paid to keep you alive!

Dude – I’m not paying you to be my mate. I’m paying you do do a very specific job. Being nice to you was not in the contract.

Constant scrutiny

What it must feel like to live in the fishbowl of celebrity, your every move analysed for scrutiny.

How quickly everyone jumped to drag Ellen down when the first shot was fired.

Much like the ongoing Kate VS Megs commentary that won’t die down.

And I’m going to say something obvious here, but here it is anyway – Kate and Megs may not be the best of friends. They may actually be having dramas over stockings and royal duties.


Big. Fucking. Deal.

They are a family and families have dramas. They have ‘get to know each other’ periods. This constant reporting of bad blood between the young Royals is as frustrating as it is disgusting and frankly I’m so very tired of it.

Of course reporting about all the great shit the Royals are doing would just be pointless because bringing women down to these catty levels makes for much better click-bait.


Madonna, the Queen

The last Queen we must mention is Madonna who has been raising eyebrows and upsetting housewives since she exploded in the 80’s.

According to Mic: “She said “fuck” on national television, experimented with erotic and religious choreography- often at the same time- and pushed almost every sexual taboo she could think of.” Showbiz CheatSheet

And yet, here she is, 30 years later, still surprising me by the fact that the imagery on her social media is surprising anyone at all.

She’s been popping up in the news quite a bit lately for her shocking conduct.

And I’m here to say, guys – it’s Motherfucking Madonna.

A: She gives zero fucks.

B: So should you.

She is iconic for being outrageous and fabulous and we need her in the world to break protocol and pave the way for brave new acts… could someone please cue in Lady Gaga in her meat dress? Thanks…

So, like, chill…

I’m gonna say what we’re all thinking – can we please not believe in everything we read in the media.

I say this fully understanding the irony of me writing this and you reading it in a media capacity, I’m just trying to encourage a little bit of perspective.

After all – ask yourself and answer honestly – would you be the perfect, faultless celebrity?

Doubt it…

Tell me, what are your thoughts on ugly media reporting?

Peace out, chill out, and remember – don’t be a dick!


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