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The Male Perspective on the Post Modern Female

A Note from Bildo

Obviously I am not a male, so you know this is a guest post – but my male perspective guy shall remain anonymous for reasons that will become obvious shortly.

I have left the text raw and (largely) unedited and I welcome any and all responses to the views you are about to read.

SO, without further ado, please welcome my very brave male perspective guy…

The Male Perspective on the Post Modern Female

This article pertains to formally (in an informal modus) remove the monkeys from the asses of the post-modern feminist agenda.

Data has been collected via highly specialised AVERAGE MARRIED MALES (most with children) under very unprofessional conditions.

Most of the opinions in this are those of ethnic macho males who are biologically desired by unprotected and un-nested females all around the planet.

Firstly, let us clearly outline the facts of the current gender dilemmas and then we can discuss all the sensitive issues:

  1. Pauline Hanson: Made it to top 50 sexiest females in Australia a few years ago.

  2. 1.7 million dollars spent on putting skirts on pedestrian cameras in Melbourne: Only to piss off the ultra-feminists who don’t wear skirts. A high school student even wrote an economic report on how this money could have been used to rebuild lives of the 400 kidnapped girls and their families in Nigeria.

  3. Transvestites? Transexuals? What? Men who think they are women? Men who want to be women? Women who want to be men? What? No more sex on the drivers license? Pronouns (zie, hir instead of his, her) – WTF IS HAPPENING?

  4. Veganism, fashion, meditation, yoga and diets al’la Hollywood? Can we be left out please?

  5. Equality: Men and women are not equal, there will never be equal pay, there shouldn’t be and YOU (women) don’t want it.

Some other simple facts in the world of the average male

There are 2 genders; FEMALE and MALE.

There is no 3rd gender. In sports, the SEX of an athlete is determined by levels of natural testosterone. The difference in men and women is mostly testosterone. Testosterone makes men more muscular, aggressive and less agreeable.

We judge gender on appearance.

If we see someone who looks like a female, we shall use HER.

If someone looks like a male, we utilize HIM.

We judge gender on appearance. Usually this works (sometimes we can be wrong). We should not be forced to use pronouns such as ZIE/HIR.

My licence says M, I am male, I was born male and I stand when I pee. If someone looks like a woman, and is a man, then they clearly want to look like a woman and being called SHE is their desired outcome, vice/versa.

We have no problem with gay people

Be gay, it’s your private business, but don’t talk about it so much.

Base your personality and character upon your education, professional success and humanity – not on your sexuality.

We also hate hetero people who always talk about their sex life and base everything around “getting a root”.


What equality? How are we equal? WE BELIEVE IN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. But equality is unattainable. Proven fact. Men chose jobs which pay more (because of risk, hours or travel). This is why there will always be a gender gap.

Men take bigger risks, men mostly occupy higher positions because of their traits of being unagreeable and egotistical to the point of dog-eat-dog.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY equates to women and men being allowed to apply for same jobs/positions and get same salary for those jobs. They should be considered equally for ALL JOBS that they can do EQUALLY.

Women are striving (e.g.) in the medical industry, social sciences, they are kicking ass in the school system and are graduating in much higher numbers vs men.

Men are more often choosing to be soldiers, brick layers and engineers. Why? Because of physical and biological differences.

Denmark has the most equal gender system on the planet.

The differences in the pay gap have INCREASED since the implementation of this system.

Women are subconsciously choosing jobs which pay less and allow them to be more family oriented and nested which is why nursing and education is 90% female dominant. Construction work and soldiering are male dominant? Is this really not common sense?

Men are less agreeable than women

Less agreeable men end up like Donald Trump. Ready to sacrifice everything in order to get to higher positions. Work 20 hours a day and be extremely self focused/centered and selfish.

This is why most of the world leaders are men (because 65% of men and 35% of women are unagreeable, and at a scale of large population, the top 100 most unagreeable people will result in 98 men).

It is also the reason 90% of people in jail are men and most suicides are committed by men. We are more aggressive by nature – sometimes this is good and sometimes it is bad.

So why all the anger?

Why all the bullshit about inequality?

Do you really want to be equal? You want to be Donald Trump? You want to end up in jail more often and be killed in wars?

Patriarchy and tyranny govern the women in Australia? No, in Saudi Arabia yes, in Australia no.

We love you and treat you great if you are a good person. If you have a good job you will be paid well for it. When you give birth we protect and support you, even if we don’t know you.

We are sick of being blamed for the past. Nature dictated the past, just as primitive power and force dictated the abundance of kingdoms. Today, power and force is no longer governed by a sword but by information and IQ.

Men and women have the same IQ and access to information.

We do not, for one second, think we are smarter or more capable mentally.

We do not want to restrict you from fulfilling your career dreams, we want to have families with you and raise children. Families and children might sway your decisions to become lawyers and dermatologists, whilst more men have no hesitation becoming ER surgeons and race-car drivers.

Who is ‘we’?

This article depicts the opinion of all of MY MALE FRIENDS, we are not your bunch of average western oriented gentleman, but we are husbands and fathers to children with unorthodox names.

We are NOT interested in arguments with women that have nothing better to do than argue about being women.

We hate the vein emptiness of the fashion industry, as well as that Sex in the City series and we know a lot about which pads and tampons to buy you, as well as how to change diapers with one hand, while the other holds a beer.

We are NOT interested in arguments with women that have nothing better to do than argue about being women.

We are not interested in hand bags and we do not need you to be interested in auto-mechanics.

We cried when the Terminator terminated himself in the lava at the end of T2 and that The Notebook is the worst movie ever made. Why? Because we see things differently, and that’s ok, because we are male, and you are female.

And together, we have created everything that exists thus far. Now we will destroy it with global warming and medical chemicals. Let’s focus on fixing those things rather than putting skirts on traffic lights?

Feminists, the only real one of you is Pauline Hanson… and she is hot?! You all strive to be like her?

Peace and salutations to everyone reading this. Billi made me write this because she thinks I am intelligent and good looking!

Billi is right. This text is unedited and unreviewed in order to keep authenticity of my simple thoughts. Trying to make this look like an English assignment would reduce the raw legitimacy of our thoughts.

Billi, don’t let my wife read this so keep me anonymous! I’m scared of the mental abuse that women inflict upon men I and DHH syndrome. (Deep husband hate, a new medical phenomenon).



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