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The 30(two) year old Intern

That’s me!

So here’s the story, let me tell you the story, of how I became the 32 year old intern.

I’ve tried many things in my life, it’s always made me feel like a quitter because I never see anything to “fruition”.  I get super excited about something and then I get over it as quickly as I fell in love with it.

To give you an idea – I’m qualified to be a crossfit and weightlifting coach, and before that I was a  Napolen Perdis qualified makeup artist. During my “I should really complete some sort of Uni” days, I studied photography, and Early Childhood Development so I could become a primary school teacher.


So when I started a blog a year ago, I vowed not to give up!

Fast forward a year, I had another baby, lost my groove and the blog went untouched for months.  I made the decision to can the whole thing.

One last shot to make something of my writing

So, one night, it’s 10pm, the baby has just gone to sleep, thought I’d trawl through all my social media, the land of the sleepless.  I come across a link for a Creative Writing Internship through The Good Guide (TGG).

I’m reading through this thing, flexible hours, work from home, free events, credit for anything that I write. But it’s the way this is written, so free, so inviting of different writing styles. My “adult job” is working in the government and from very early on, I’ve been taught to rein my personality in, be more formal, take it down a notch.

So I’m reading through this and thinking to myself “these are my people!”

And then I read those golden words – no experience and no resume required.

I’m in.

So in my 10pm, half asleep, baby drained brain, I write my application.  I write the way I do, I even use the words blah, blah, blah.

I figure, they’ll either like the way I write and see some potential, or they won’t.

Radio silence

Turns out they probably didn’t like it, because I never hear back.  I wait one weeks, two weeks, nothing. I could call and follow up, but I get wrapped up with being a mother and it’s hard making phone calls and writing emails when children are hanging off you.

But really, I don’t believe in myself and don’t want to hear the bad news.

So I leave it, decide to shut my blog down, and move on with my life.

Spoke too soon

About a month later – I got the email!

It says, hey, your blog is down, can’t see examples of your writing.


But they invite me to write an article about a Design Market that’s coming up the following month.

The article is about 22 designers who will be displaying their work at the markets, there’s no word limit.

Holy shit, this is big.

And it takes me 4 days to write, between life and food and sleep.

But I do it.  And when I send it off on the Monday, I have this sad feeling of “this isn’t good enough”.

The wait

So now I’m waiting.

Monday…. Tuesday…. Wednesday….. nothing.

Thursday morning, it’s 1am and I’m changing a nappy (#mumlife) and I see the email!

My heart sinks. I can’t read it now.  I can’t take the bad news. I can see what it says already.”Nice first try, but you suck, try again”….

I decide to read the email over a coffee the next morning.

Scary coffee

I have the coffee, the baby is calm, I’m still too scared to look at the email though.

I decide to take a peak at the first few words… A few swipes this way, a few swipes that way…

“Great article, we’re actually going to use it…”

Hoooollllyyyy SHITBALLS!

I was so excited I could have jumped out of my own skin!

I got all the adrenaline and butterflies that I imagine you’d get when you jump out of a plane (with a parachute).

They ask for a blurb about me and a photo they can use for my bio.

The article

And looking for a photo of myself that I could use proved to be challenging. What do I want to convey? I’m carefree, I travel, I don’t spend all my day in pj’s…


So there it is, there’s the photo I choose, the one of me biking around Berlin in 2012.  I almost broke my arm getting that photo!


So I got my internship and I am now the 30(two) year old intern! My writing will be exposed to millions of TGG’s followers! Lucky them!

After seeing my photo above, a family friend who is a photographer contacts me and says “hey, would love to do some photos for you”. I think we were both embarrassed for me and my interesting choice of a headshot.

So I went to do the photoshoot and the photos will be up soon! I will put up a post about that shortly. Safe to say, Bildo is back, baby! Ready to take on the world, one word at a time!

Thanks for stopping by,


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