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Sex Hack as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

The sanctity of marriage is magical, and sure, the first few years while you’re making your babies are full of sexual abundance.

Then you have said babies and well, sexual abundance becomes sexual avoidance.

But we’re here to change all of that for you!

It’s as easy as day one, two and three.

Wine with friends

Lindalin brings us this week’s topic after wining with a good friend – who also happens to be Yugoslav, holllaaaa!

As they were wrapping up their date, Yugoslav goes in for the kill and asks Lindalin about her sexual hormones.

To which Lindalin promptly responded to with a “Ewwww”.

Her friend goes on to say that, like almost all married couples with young kids, her marriage has taken the back seat and her and her husband have become more like room mates than lovers.

She was like “Fuck that!” and decided to change things up. They are, after all, a young couple in their thirties who are planning on staying in their marriage forever – and this just won’t do for the rest of their lives.

So, what does she do?

She has sex with her husband three days in a row!

And this absolutely ignites their sex life! Five/six months on, they are just as passionate about each other and they can’t get enough.

And she says “Lyndsey, you have GOT to try it.”

Easy as one, two, three…

With the challenge set to put-out three nights in a row, our Linny first feels enormous relief that she has her period. This gives her a few days to mentally prepare for the task ahead.

Once Aunt Flo has moved on for the month, the time has come for Lindalin to set the wheels of love-making in motion and explode her sex life right up.


Night One: Lindalin, building herself up to the three day sex-capades, makes her move and it’s a SUCCESS! Cameron is not suspicious at this point.

Night Two: As they wrap up for the evening and Cameron heads off to work in his office downstairs, Lindalin thinks “YES!”, the evening is over and she can’t possibly disturb Cameron as he works.

Except he returns. And too deep in the challenge to turn back now, Lindalin musters up all her sexyness and propositions her husband again.

Cameron is probably starting to get suspicious at this point. Or at least he would be if he weren’t a man and already running for the bedroom.

Lindalin did make the stipulation that this one is only a quickie, but I don’t think Cameron could hear her over the music in his ears…

Night Three: Lindalin and Cameron can no longer walk straight. Evening three has Linny convinced that Cameron is just as tired as she is, but is he going to turn down sex? Really?

As he starts getting ready to head to his office to do some more work (he’s a very busy man, our Cameron), Lindalin, in all her sweetness, asks him if he’s up for three nights in a row of passionate sex – or quick sex, but who’s asking…

And he’s like “Nup.”

He’s had enough. He is after all, a mere mortal.

And with this, the celebration of women all over the world, ensues!

So you see…

You win some, you lose some.

There are two conclusions that can come about from an experiment like this:

  1. Your sex life could be reignited and you’ll be boinking like rabbits for months to come.

  2. You can prove that men are also too tired for sex, despite all their complaints that they don’t get enough.

Both are, I think, solid and important conclusions to come to and certainly every married couple should try this.

If three days just doesn’t seem like enough, by all means, go for seven and see how you go.

We would love to know your sex-periences, so if you would like to share your stories, hit us up in the comments or contact us.

Now go forth, proposition your spouses – and good luck!



Episode #50 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste

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