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Search and Rescue: Finding the G-Spot

If you’re anything like me, masturbation isn’t exactly a priority.

Sure, every once in a while when I’m alone and I’ve spent a particularly interesting afternoon watching the likes of Outlander, where the sexy, Scottish, Jamie Fraser, graces my fantasy land, I’m down and it’s on. But between kids and work and chores, exploring my inner self, literally, isn’t high up on the list. 


Working hard

If you’re wondering where this is going, I’m just trying to explain why it is that I am 34 years old and I only found my G-Spot two months ago.

G-Spot Diaries

Dear G-Spot, Where art thou? Sincerely, Like, 77% of all women

I doubt I’m the only woman who’s never come across this tiny little pocket rocket.

In case we’re not on the same page, Wikipedia tells us that the G-Spot is “characterized as an erogenous area of the vagina that, when stimulated, may lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation.”

Sounds pretty amazing, ay?

But for the longest time, it has been debated whether the G-Spot is even a thing, by both men and women.

And I’ll tell you why – the little fucker is quite elusive.

Hide and Seek

You see, it hides but not where you expect. I mean, yes, it’s in there, but it’s in a nook that can only be described as being the 12 o’clock of the vagina.


And we have an 83 year old female corpse to thank for this monumental discovery in women’s sexual health, for she sacrificed her bits and pieces to prove that the G-Spot does indeed exist and in a place hidden from all of us. Even the penis.

Search and Rescue

Now that we know what the G-Spot is (kinda) and where it is (also kinda) know this – finding it is not an easy feat.

I was embarrassed into looking for it during of an episode of our podcast, Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin, where Lindalin and I interviewed the wonderful Love Coach, Belinda Love. The episode was about love, sex and relationships, and out comes me – questioning the G-Spot’s very existence.



I suddenly found myself in a very public conversation with two other women, and I had to admit that my self-exploration game was weak, hence the G-ignorance.

So I was sent on a search and rescue mission to find my G-Spot.

Mission Report

I don’t want to deceive – I didn’t find my G-Spot.

But the Husband did.

Over and over and over…

And what they say, they don’t lie. It’s pretty sextacular!



The only way I can describe the difference between a G-Spot orgasm and the “usual” kind, is that when the G-Spot is hit, it feels kind of like an internal explosion as opposed to the external clitoral one.

Breathe through it and reap the explosive rewards.

And a little tip: If you and/or your other half are playing around and the instrument of choice is hitting what you think is the spot – the sensation of needing to pee is perfectly normal. Breathe through it and reap the explosive rewards!

Also, there may also be a distinct feeling of gush and there’s the huge potential that there will be some squirt action. Yes, you should most definitely put a towel down just in case. Or change the sheets after, the decision is yours for the making.

Get your G-Spot Sutra on

Although, I haven’t found the mysterious and satisfying G-Spot myself – lack of masturbating and all – certainly, I feel confident that I can now use that weird little hook at the end of my Lelo effectively.

The Husband has found the little sucker manually because the sex positions we tried haven’t really gotten us to where we want to go. Don’t fret, we will keep trying.

What I can say is that after a little bit of research (Googling), it seems that there are a number of positions which can get you there, like this one:


X Marks the Spot | Image Credit: Bustle

And this one:


X Marks the Spot | Image Credit: Bustle

If you do happen to try these out, and you squirt all over your bed – you’re welcome. And hope you heeded my advice and put a towel down.

Happy Hunting

Now that you have all the information you needed in your life to find our little friend, happy hunting!

Please let me know how you go (you can spare me the slippery details) because I’d love to know your G-Spot experiences, any of your suggestions, and the “I got my husband in the eye!” stories.

Until next time, please remember to subscribe so you never miss a thing and as I like to say – don’t be a dick!


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