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Quitters and Failures UNITE!

Me: Darling, what’s your favourite colour?Daughter: Pink!M: Ok, great, mummy will- D: And yellow and purple!M: Of course, mummy will get you some new-D: And orange!

It’s true. I love more than one colour too.

So why are we only ever asked to choose ONE thing we like? Why is everyone forced to choose at the beginning of their lives, as if it really mattered whether we like blue or green best, or whether we wanted to be a doctor or llama attendant. Whatever that is.

Yet we ask this of children all the time. And subsequently of ourselves.

What is your favourite colour? What do you want to do when you grow up? What is that cat doing over there?


What cat?

It’s a constant battle to choose the right thing, make the right choice. Go to the best university so you can be the best doctor and buy that house, get that car, marry someone pretty.

But, is any of that really important if you don’t like what you’re doing? 

A Bildo of All Trades

I have spent my entire life looking for a career that I love. And because I’ve changed my interests like I change my underwear (annually), I always considered myself a “quitter”.

Out of high school, I studied photography for THREE YEARS – and didn’t finish my degree. I could give you excuses but I won’t. I didn’t love it anymore, so I chose not to do it anymore. Simple.

I started two more degrees over the years in Social Sciences and Education and never even got near finishing them.


NO RAGRETS! | Image Credit: Amazon

Then, for two years, I gained accreditation in make up artistry and eye lash extensions, built myself a studio inside my house, spent thousands of dollars getting it all ready…


Makeup Bildo | 2014

…just to decide that I hated doing other people’s make up. I loved having a blank canvas and creating what I felt in my bones – turns out mothers of the groom didn’t enjoy me doing their makeup according to said bones. 

So I left that far, far behind me, hoping I’ll never have to see another contouring brush again.

As we all know, I also spent three years squatting deep into Crossfit, eventually becoming a certified Crossfit coach and because that just wasn’t enough, I finished a Fitness Certificate and became a Weightlifting coach too.


Crossfit Bildo | 2013

Then, I had children and my crossfitting and weightlifting career took a back seat until eventually it left the car all together.

And music, of course the music! I’ve always loved singing and when I was younger, more confident and completely invincible, I recorded some songs too. 


Music Bildo | 2007

That’s right, I had a band, Audible Minds, and dreams of becoming a megastar but what I didn’t know was that I hated working weekends and I hated working evenings, so my gigging career was over before it began.

And let us not even get started with the pottery, taekwondo and life drawing classes I’ve tried over the years. 

Here we are…

When I decided to start a blog, I was all enthused to tell the Husband. I set the scene and excitedly told him of my latest venture just to receive a very lacklustre “yea, ahem, ok…”

And for a long time, I begrudged him for not being all excited about my blog. I didn’t want anything from him except a little bit of enthusiasm and he couldn’t even muster that.


Typety Type

Because he’d spent almost 10 years watching me jump from one thing to another, and not really do anything with any of them.

And now I was starting a blog, and he didn’t want to get too invested because given the time, he knew I would probably quit that too.

(HA, showed him, didn’t we?!)

What if I’m not a quitter?

But what if I’m not a quitter? What if I’m not a failure? 

What if I’m a new hybrid of adults, the Jack of all trades, but, like – better!

What if I am prepared to change and shift with the times?

What if I am prepared to change and shift with the times? What if the world is heading in a direction which requires people who are willing to learn, willing to drop what they are doing and start something new?

What if I just became the best Trivia team member of all time?

Living my best life

The truth is, whilst we need our doctors to go to school for 20 years to become a toenail specialist, we also need people who are willing to try different things so they can share their knowledge with the world.

But that’s not why I keep chopping and changing.

What I’m doing is enjoying my life.


Take me…

I’m trying as many things as I can, because – why not?

I saw my grandparents do the same job their entire lives. I also saw my parents do their schooling and become a dentist and pilot, respectively, just to lose it all over night and have to start again.

Nothing is guaranteed. And I’m not wasting my time doing something I’m not into.

So go out there and search for whatever it is that you love because you are not failing, you are not quitting, you are exploring. You are practically Columbus!

Happy searching, and remember – don’t be a dick! Choose kindness.

Peace out,


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