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Once upon a time… I was SUPER fit – Part 2

Welcome back! Picking up where we left off…


I know, how many readers did I just lose?? Come back!

For those of you who are still here, my love for Crossfit starts way back in 2013.

Up until I joined Crossfit, I hadn’t really done ANYTHING of significance for many years, aside from a bit of touch footy and tennis here and there. I dabbled. What possessed me to join what looks like one of the most complicated and self-important ‘sports’? From doing nothing? Well, actually, it was my housemate. So you can blame her for this post. Let’s call herrrrr… Sum-Dogg.

Sum-Dogg is one of the Buddymooners, who shall be introduced at a later date. Let’s just describe that bunch as my chosen family.

Anyway, whilst I was living with Sum-Dogg and her husband to be, let’s call himmmmm… Nate-Dogg, Sum-Dogg was going to Crossfit every morning at some ungodly hour and I used to be like, what in the world are you doing and why are you doing it?? I suppose she wanted to be good looking for her upcoming wedding, which wouldn’t have been hard seeing as she’s beauty personified – except for her face, OUUUU! Jokes.

So one day, Sum-Dogg suggested we try a boxing class. That was probably one of the worst fitness experiences I’d had. It was hard. I was sweaty. And even with just my use of common sense, I knew that what they were teaching here was not ‘good form’. So I said to Sum-Dogg that if I could do this shit, I could try Crossfit. Famous last words. Because I tried. I loved.

And I became SUPER fit!


That’s me and Sum-Dogg at Spartan Race in 2013. Obviously I’m the action figure looking one and she’s the one neck deep in the mud.

Sum-Dogg and I are now going to Crossfit together four mornings a week. At 6am. That’s how much I loved Crossfit. I can tell you now, that I have two kids and it’s hard for me to get up with them at 6:30. Let alone at 5:30 to go sweat. And in winter too! We’re talking 6 degree mornings. I know that’s almost summer in some places, but here, that it COLD!

We partnered up for partner WOD’s (Work Out of the Day) (don’t be a douche)… We did competitions together…Here’s us at another competition, sometime in 2014… Trust Sum-Dogg to be watching while I do all the work…


I was absolutely stoked with my new found strength.  You wanna talk about girl-power, holy shit. I was opening jars BY MYSELF, I was lifting heavy boxes around the place.  I used to walk in to work limping and stiff from the week’s workouts and scoff at all the unfit (normal) people around me.  I would drink magnesium and protein for all dem gainz. I was on fire and all powerful!

I did Tough Mudder… TWICE!


If you’re wondering about the face, I had just come out of an ice bath.  Arctic enema, to hell with you!

I entered competitions with teams…


Even started doing fun runs… for fun…


And I became SUPER good looking as a result…


Get your coaching on

Now, of course I couldn’t just enjoy Crossfit for what it was, like many things in my life, I had to take it one step further.  So I decided to become a coach.

To be a Crossfit coach, all needed was a $1000, a free weekend and some smarts to pass the test at the end of the weekend.  Well, I had at least two out of three and I’m ashamed to say that I had to sit that damn test another two times to actually become qualified. Funny and sad, but true.

But I felt that a weekend just wasn’t good enough so I also decided to do a Cert III in Fitness.  I then went ahead and did a Kettlebell course, a Weightlifting course and a Crossfit Mobility course. I’m sure there were more in there somewhere, but I can’t remember.  Let’s just say, I was qualified in a whole bunch of shit. I started running a mobility class at my Crossfit box. Yes, a Crossfit gym is called a box. Shut up, no one wants to hear it.  I also started volunteer coaching at the box.

I eventually started coaching at the Weightlifting course I had taken, and coached there for a few years to come.  I am currently a licensed coach, Level 2 Certified. For what it’s worth. If anyone would like some coaching.

I LOVED coaching. In fact, if I ever go back, I’d be happy just to coach.  Which brings us back to my fitness.

Or lack thereof.

And then I fell pregnant…

When I fell pregnant in 2016, I told myself that I’ll keep training right up until I had the kid and then I’d go back when ever the doctor gave me the ok. I wasn’t going to lose all that muscle and all that fitness I’d gained.  I’d trained for three years, I was convinced that I would be going back as soon as possible. I knew I’d be reasonable and just take it easy.

What I didn’t anticipate was how I’d feel about going back. The first three months were a no no in terms of returning.  If you’ve ever given birth, you’ll know that the first three months is the healing period, basically. So I took that to heart and I didn’t train at all.  After three months, I had gone back to coaching once a week and I did one pilates class and one crossfit class a week.

Motherhood was not anticipated

The part I didn’t anticipate was motherhood.  What the hell, right? I knew it was coming, and many mothers told me but you can’t know until it happens to you.

Firstly it was because babies sleep at weird and random times. Then, you have to feed them at weird and random times.  Then you have to try and get some sleep, whilst waking up a billion times a night.

But then you get to like your kid and hormones are flying all over the place and you don’t want to leave them. Nothing else seemed more important.

Fast forward to 2018, and I have two daughters and a lot of flub that I have never had before in my life. But I don’t care!

There’s a time and place for everything.  I’m enjoying where I’m at right now. My body has done some amazing stuff, it’s endured a lot of strain, it’s endured obsticle courses and pregnancies.  And I may not be crossfit-fit, but I’m healthy, I’m alive and I will conquer Miss Muddy, later this year, in an attempt to prove that I am capable of anything!

I’ll keep you up to date, meanwhile, here is my reason for that extra bit oif weight I may be carrying around.


It’s well worth it!

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!


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