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On Song – An International Revolution

A Revolution is coming people and I was one tiny part of it. This is the story about a new TV show, created for the people, by the people, who love music!

Let’s talk about On Song International!

Some of you may have seen me sharing some photos on my Instagram that looked a little something like this:


It’s time to share the magic!

June last year, my dad calls, he says there’s this show being recorded, he’s going to be in the audience, and to come along if I was available.

So I’m like, Husband, you got the kid, I’M OUT!

On the day in question, we arrive at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, we grab a drink and just do a bit of networking.

Suddenly a dude with a giant camera and a pretty pixie appear, and who do they happen upon, but yours truly!


They asked if they could do a quick interview with an audience member and I was suddenly super grateful that maybe 10 minutes prior, I happen to ask someone what the hell we were there for that day.

So I do my piece for society, I do a killer interview, I throw in that I’m here with a recording studio (which was technically both true and untrue – let’s call it exaggerating) and I’m a fucking STAR!

Reality check: I had around 30 seconds, they asked me a couple of questions I blundered through and if they manage to use the footage, I’ll be stoked.

So it begins

And then it was time. The audience is invited into the auditorium and it’s magical.  It was dark, it was warm, it was smokey and it was SO COOL!!

I felt like I was walking into a movie scene, there were cameras, people were carrying microphones, the pretty pixie, let’s call her Sabrina Lawrie, she was there and let’s just say she’s gorgeous! She’s like a beautiful gypsy.


And so everyone’s milling around and there’s a buzz in the air while we wait for the show to start.

Enter Ken Kunin, the mastermind behind all this fuss. He explains we’re there for the filming of a documentary style showcase of Australia’s singers and songwriters.  It’s not a karaoke show. It’s not a singing contest. It’s not a talent show.

It’s about exposing and unearthing talented singer songwriters.

He explains that the audience is not only encouraged, but invited to come and stand around the stage to support the artists while they played.

And that was me, I was in.  I was like, see ya dad, gonna go stand up the front with the people, I’m gonna be the people.

I didn’t see him again until we left, around 6:30pm that evening.

That’s dedication!

I just got hooked, I don’t really know what happened.  Because they filmed 3 episodes, showcasing 3 artists, back to back, I didn’t really have time to get away and get food.  It’s not like I had half an hour break between filming to go and grab something.

I was starving as I’d watch people sitting in the audience with their delicious smelling food.  Then some of the girls I was with said they made it into the green room and had some sushi and I beat myself up for not sticking around and chatting with them between takes.  But it was the only time I got to sit down! My shoes were relatively new and killing me. I was a very active audience member, that took energy!

After the filming, I was explaining all of this to the Husband and he asked a perfectly logical question – why didn’t I just leave and grab food? I had been there 11 to 6:30.  I had not eaten since breakfast that morning, around 9 am. Why didn’t I just go and get food?

And I didn’t really know how to answer that but to say that I don’t know.

In retrospect it was because I couldn’t.  I was part of the team. I had to be supportive.  More so, I was drawn in. I wanted to watch all the acts, I had a bad case of FOMO.

Let’s talk about the Talent

And the artists, oh, the artists.  First up was Marc Malouf, who is just beautiful and has this gorgeous song and just sang from an angry heart.


Next up was Josh Jacobz, who is South African and has a very unique sound but is just one with his music.  That’s probably the best way to describe it.


Last up was William Bloom, not to be mistaken with the comedian, because this kid is definitely a musician.  He is beautiful, charismatic and has this way about him, this assurance.


All gorgeous men, fantastic musicians. Just people who live and breathe music.  Music was in them. And all of them were so professional, did such a great job, none of them had a bad take.

So I just didn’t want to miss a second.  And I didn’t.

After the filming, I had the drummer of the band introduce me to the man himself, Mr Ken Kunin.  I was introduced as having a music blog (a slight misunderstanding of the introducer-rr) but I took my opportunity and ran with it.

I then went to dinner, starving and Yugoslav angry.  Had a beer on an empty stomach and reflected on what an amazing day I’ve had.  It’s not something you do every day. And this is gonna sound super cheesy but it felt like I was part of something awesome.  And I wanted to be as involved as I could be. I didn’t even think of leaving to go and get food. And that’s how that happened.

Interview with the Mastermind

Next I will be posting my interview with Ken.  It’s safe to say that Ken was so gracious with his time for a really, really busy dude.  He’s just so passionate about giving musicians an opportunity, and not just in Australia, he’s hoping to take this global.

And you know what? I think he just may have a chance.

You can check out more on the On Song Australia website, and watch their video below!

The search for talent is ongoing so if you are a singer/songwriter and you think you’re pretty awesome, these guys might too! Make sure you send in your video and give it a shot!

Thanks for visiting and until next time, PEACE!


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