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News Corner: Angry Vegans Improve Outback Jack’s Business and More!

Let’s start with some women-ly news this week…

Abortion is finally legal in Queensland!

Well done Queensland, women can finally get an abortion – legally!

That’s right, on 17 October 2018, the state parliament voted to legalize abortion.

Image Credit: Courier Mail

Here are the rules, courtesy of The Guardian, a much more reputable news source:

Abortion will become legal until 22 weeks gestation, and thereafter with the approval of two doctors. Safe access zones will restrict protesters and people who harass women from coming with 150m of abortion clinics. Doctors will be allowed to refuse to treat a woman on moral grounds, but also legally required to refer her to another medical practitioner.”

Listen, that’s excellent news.

For all you naysayers out there, can I just say that you should really focus on your own uterus. And if you don’t have one, don’t even breathe in my direction.

Frankly, it is not okay to shame women for making a decision about their body and their life.

Abortions are happening anyway, whether you like it or not.

Do you know anything about the adoption process or the foster care system in Australia? Do you understand how difficult life can be for an unwanted child? Are you prepared to adopt every baby you think you’re saving?


Then shut it.

The contraceptive pill should be available over the counter

Meanwhile, although Queensland is super advanced when it comes to aborting a 5 month old fetus legally, they haven’t thought to include a new law for prevention, by legalizing the contraceptive pill to be purchased over the counter.

Back to our valuable news source, The Guardian, the state of Victoria is seriously thinking about making the pill available over the counter.

Image Credit: Slate

What’s Australia’s excuse for not doing it already when so many other countries do it? Oh well, doctors say that women should be going to their GP for a prescription so they can explain to women what sexually transmitted diseases are, and all that jazz.

Can I tell you something, Dr. Doctor?


Of course someone will have to think about regulating this situation, like, okay, maybe 15 year old’s should go to their GP; that’s perfectly reasonable.

But if a 30 year old woman isn’t ready to have a baby,  and can get easy access to the pill to prevent having to abort a 22 week old fetus, doesn’t that make sense?

I mean, honestly, I should be a law maker.

The Royals are here, the Royals are here!

The thing is – I LOVE the British Royals! I don’t know why, but I do.

I also love pregnant ladies.

So a pregnant, rule breaking, American Duchess is in town (country) and I am buzzing!

From the fashion, to the security scares, it’s just been super exciting.

Image Courtesy: Fashionista

Then there’s the stories about the pregnant Duchess of Sussex being criticized for missing royal engagements so she can rest up a bit.


Megs and Harry were due to attend 76 events in 16 days.

For those of you who can’t be bothered with the maths, my calculator says that that’s 4.75 events a day. For a newly pregnant woman.

Of course the keyboard warriors of the world had something douchey to say, like the ass-hat, who commented on this Express UK article, and calls him/herself ‘Libra’:

“Resting; from what; shaking a few hands and sitting on a beach. Great work if you can get it.”

Libra has obviously never attended 4.75 events a day for 16 days, whilst pregnant.

Or never been to school, with that punctuation.

Either way, comments like that are not productive and I hope that Megs is resting in air conditioning somewhere, eating a popsicle, enjoying Australia from the safe indoors.

The Bachelorette Recap

I am just infatuated with this season and all the weirdo’s the production team managed to find. Kudos to you, Team Batchie!

Last night’s episode found dancing Ivan embarrass himself over and over again by, you guessed it, dancing, blending whole avocado’s – seeds and all – and generally speaking, just being himself.

Ali could stand it no more and finally did herself, Step Up, and the rest of Australia, a favour by sending him home.

Or wherever it is that 29 year old men who dream of becoming a professional dancer in L.A., go.

I’d say probably not L.A., where he would also be laughed at for being too old and for dancing like I did when I was 12.

Then Charlie got all crazy and territorial, metaphorically peeing all over the house and demanding that his authority be respected.

And in the end, we saw Mustachio Jules leave, not really having had any air time and scratching his head as to wtf just happened to the last month of his life.

Brilliant television!

Angry vegans improve Outback Jack’s business

This is one of my favourite stories this week!

Last Saturday, 20 October, a bunch of vegans ate all their greens and beans, got enough energy and brain power together, made some signs and managed to coordinate a protest at a Western Australia steak house, Outback Jacks.

They’re all angry because the restaurant serves the meats of sweet, adorable animals like crocodiles and wild boars.

Wait. What? Wild boars?

black hog prone lying on soil under shade of tree

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

They are WILD!

Shouldn’t they be protesting outside of KFC (don’t you dare!) to help out poor, unethically raised chickens?

Don’t worry about the freaking wild boars!


A) Catching one is a bitch, as King Robert found out; and

B) The wild boar that ends up on a plate probably had a great life, gallivanting the forest, eating berries and magic mushrooms. He grew up just fine!

The irony, of course, being that these silly vegans have probably catapulted the business at Outback Jacks, a place that many people probably didn’t know about until this ridiculous protest.

But it’s ok, now that abortion is legal…


And on that terrible note, that’s it for me this week. Adios!


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