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Lazy, Hazy, Sloth Days

Is it just us, or is lazy the new black?

At Wine Chats HQ, we’ve been enjoying all the down time that Coronavirus forced upon us. The ‘Rona meant all day jammies, sleep ins, baking and subsequently eating. 

But with Rona wrapping up her wrath in Brisbane, we are beginning to wake from our lazy slumber, slowly returning to a socially distanced normalcy.

It’s just that… well, I don’t know that we are ready to re-join society.

Lindalin’s Woes

I once had a friend who used to fit her own shorts.

Then one day, dressing for a picnic, they were fitting a bit snug.

She found her mind wandering back to that peanut butter English muffin and entire bag of chips she enjoyed on the couch while watching TV.

Her mind then moved on to all the Zoom pilates classes she has been missing in favour of said chips and TV.

Suddenly, she understood why her shorts no longer fit.

These, are Lindalin’s woes.

Lazy, a natural state

I don’t mean to be a dick, but Lindalin’s shorts were super tiny to begin with, and I think it’s about time she started dressing like a woman with hips that birthed three kids.

Maybe that’s just my jealousy talking. Maybe it’s my Slavic curves, that enjoy speck and pastry for snacks, talking.

But the laziness is new for Lindalin. Wanting to sleep in and missing pilates is fresh to her.

This is my base state.

Mothers Day, birthdays, kid free days – all I really want to do is to be left alone so I can chill all day.

If I were a dog, I would be a sloth. For real.


Secret Chocolate Trips and Winter

With the cold creeping in, and the lazy in full swing, I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys evening spoon fulls of Nutella at their kitchen counter while their family is in bed. I mean, I’m not hiding it, it’s just that eating it in secret makes it taste better.

And I do it for purely practical reasons. Honest.

Winter in Queensland can be brutal. We go from 35 degree weather to 22, and laugh as you may, Europeans and Canadians, I am sitting in my office wearing a faux fur coat so my bits don’t freeze.


The cold is real.

And I, like my sweet Lindalin, have been working on my winter coat (the flub that’ll keep me warm these next few months).

But, like, stay healthy

The aim of the game isn’t to be unhealthy and to gain so much weight that you have grown around your couch and we have to bust a wall down to get to you.

But healthy means healthy in the body and mind.

I consider chilling and taking a conscious break from exercising as healthy.

I consider exercising the mind just as important – yes, I’m talking about meditation.


Don’t you roll your eyes at me like Lindalin does – it’s true. Meditating is basically exercising whilst lying down. It’s training your mind to be happy and healthy by creating healthy thoughts.

And thoughts become things.

So all I have to do is visualise the life and body I want and one day, I’ll wake up looking just like J-Lo.

Yep. That’s exactly how meditation works.

The point is…

If like us, you are struggling with the idea of going back to your old life (you know, the one you were living in January) then the message is this – you are not alone.

Enjoy and savour every fatty, juicy, delicious bite of that sweet life you’re living.

Chill if you can. Eat what you want. Enjoy and savour every fatty, juicy, delicious bite of that sweet life you’re living.

Don’t be hard on yourself. And meditate. Maybe you too will wake up one morning looking like J-Lo.

Peace out and remember – don’t be a dick.



Episode #47 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by The Hidden Sea wine range. 

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