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How to do Business Breakfast Like a Boss

Oh breakfast, how I love thee…

I especially love going out for breakfast. I know that I could make myself bacon and eggs at home, throw in some home-loan priced avocado, include some sausages and mushrooms even.

But someone else doing it for me first thing in the morning? Well, that shit is magic.

Weekends are normally reserved for family, for my two beautiful daughters, growing up faster than I can blink; for the adoring Husband who also can’t be bothered making breakfast (although when cooking is done at home, it’s typically him, since my kitchen adventures seldom end up successful.)

But this weekend, I had a breakfast date and just so it didn’t seem like I was ditching my family for my own selfish reasons, it was all done in the name of business.

Yes, I had a business breakfast, with the one and only, Lindalin!

Business, meet breakfast

You guys, I don’t know if you know this yet, but I co-host a podcast

Yep, me and Lindalin started Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin (shameless plug) and it’s been a huge success!

By that, we mean that people regularly listen to our half hour of rambling and they even keep coming back.

And for this podcast to be a success, we need time to plan that shit. You think the hilarity you hear is spontaneous? You think hours of scripting and run throughs and praying isn’t happening before every show?


Ok, not really.

But seriously, we do have to have time to plan outside of recording and we find time whenever we can. And last week, it happened to be on Sunday morning, glorious Sunday.

Since we’re trendy bitches, I told Lindalin to get her leopard print shoes ready and to find us a trendy place to eat so we can go be trendy with all the other trendy people.

We ended up with another Miss…

Miss Jones

Hi Miss Jones! Shout-out to you for your pastel pink walls and delicious coffee and food.


Miss Jones – Image Credit: Miss Jones Facebook

And I know I just said that I could make my own breakfast if I needed to, but you know what I actually would make at home without paying an exuberant amount for?

Crumpets. With honey. And some slices of cheese.

Like, there’s stuff you can make at home, and then there’s (practically) toast.

Which is what Lindalin ordered.


Actual photo of Lindalin’s breakfast

I ordered myself a normal breakfast, which is substantially harder to create, of eggs Benedict. It came on a cheesy waffle and my life was complete.


Actual photo of my fabulous breakfast

And their coffee was great. I wouldn’t just say that, I am very particular about my coffee.

Lindalin ordered something green to drink, it looked about as appetising as you would expect of a spinach juice.

Serious business

Moving on from Lindalin’s bad choices in food and drink, we get down to business.

We take photos of our food like douche bags (refer to above photos), we discuss potential collaborations with our new friends and Canadian Podcasters, LiquorTalks (hi guys!!), we check out stats and find out where our listeners are coming from.

We call our friend from The Rural Compass, Samantha Meurant, and she helps us out with some questions we have about podcasting how to’s.


Isn’t she lovely? Image Credit: The Rural Compass Facebook

We make plans, we talk about future topics, find out how little Lindalin knows about philosophy. We do a bunch of work on Instagram – would you believe, that’s a thing…

And then the piece de resistance… we start an IGTV channel!

IGTV meet Wine Chats

Look, we’re new at all of this. We’re also competing with millennials who came out with their umbilical cords around their necks and iPhones in their hands…

But we were really excited to figure out that we can post Insta videos for longer than 56 seconds by creating an IGTV channel, and we were off!

Look, there we are!

That’s a wrap!

And now that it’s almost lunch and we’ve spent hours eating crumpets and waffles, it’s time to rejoin the society of parenthood.

Upon my re-emergence into the world, the Husband ever so sweetly asks me to warn him next time my breakfast turns into lunch, and I say fair enough. I’ll try.

So readers, you’re up – if you have any trendy breakfast places in Brisbane you wanna point us to, we’d love to hear it. When business calls, we’ll need a new hideout!

Hit me in the comments, and remember – don’t be a dick!

Love, B.

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