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Have We Lost Our Souls?

This is what I believe.

I believe we all have souls.

I believe in a higher power – not God or Allah or Poseidon. But a higher power, something beyond us and our bodies.

I don’t believe we die forever and ever – rather that our energy moves on.

You don’t have to believe in that, that’s cool.

But does anyone else feel like we are totally losing touch with ourselves and each other? Is anyone else feeling like Instagram likes are taking over our lives?

It’s so depressing.

What is the world coming to?

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are running Earth into the ground.

There are too many of us and not enough of us care about the excessive use of plastic or the dying bees.

Not enough of us care about the trees dying either, because we are too consumed with consumption.

Every generation, there are people who don’t want to bring children into this world because of the state of our societies, but none more than these days where we honestly don’t know what the state of our Earth will be when these kids grow up.

What are we leaving behind us? No one seems to care.

We’ve lost our connection with nature and each other.

And so too, have we lost respect for the vehicle of our souls – our bodies.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

We eat excessively, especially food that hasn’t seen a farm since it was processed through 14 different factories to finally be created into a cracker.

For those of us who try and keep their weight in check from eating all this shit, we head to the gym and hand over our hard earned money to run on a treadmill, when the beautiful, free world that surrounds us is ignored.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Everyone has body dysmorphia

But the bit that saddens me most is the body dysmorphia we all seem to be suffering from. Especially young women.

Watching TV, I’m constantly reminded of The Hunger Games where everyone in the Capitol looks crazy with all their hair and make up and face modifications.

Tigris from The Hunger Games Image Credit: Lionsgate Publicity

It only occurred to me recently that this was a prediction, not a fantasy.

Young girls these days, we are talking women in their early twenties, are enhancing, plumping, tattooing, extending, literally sculpting and chiseling their bodies to fit in with today’s beauty standards.

Huge lips are in right now, so everyone has huge lips, no matter how ridiculous it looks in comparison to the rest of their features.

No one seems to like what they came into this world with anymore.

It’s like a fashion trend gone terribly wrong.

What about our souls?

You know that feeling when you’re a little drunk and you’re dancing and you have not a care in the world?

Or when you hear a song that envelops you and you find yourself with your eyes closed, jamming away, lost in a world far away?

That feeling of satisfaction when you help an old lady cross the street or pick up someone walking in the pouring rain so they don’t get soaked?

What about when you go hiking through a forest and you’re listening to the birds and breathing in fresh air?

I think that’s the feeling of our souls.

I think those are the moments we connect with our being, the moments we are one with the universe and each other.

And if we’re too busy with our image and the perfect selfie and wondering what people think of us, how can we feed our soul with the goodness it needs to survive?

Who has time to meditate?

Meditation has so many benefits, it’s out of control.

If everyone meditated for half an hour a day, we could totally save the world. I don’t know how but that’s how much I believe in meditation.

Same for praying – there is something to be said for turning your thoughts and attention towards something, possessing ones energy towards a goal like moving a mountain.

But despite my thoughts and beliefs on the subject, I don’t meditate. I’ve tried, didn’t like it, moved on with my life.

I am part of the problem.

I consume, I use plastic, I don’t hike, I don’t dance enough.

I watch too much TV, I wait for Insta likes, and crackers are life.

In the event of an apocalypse that will wipe out the people who are living on the grid, I’m pretty sure I’ll be in one of the first waves that goes and I’m ok with that.

But at least I can still feel my soul.

I understand that my looks are not me.

I know that when I breathe in my daughters, I’m breathing in their being with mine.

I know I can build a pyramid with my mind, if I tried hard enough.

Can you say the same?

Thanks for stopping by ya’ll and remember – don’t be a dick!!

Oh – and look after your souls. And the Earth. And the bees and trees.


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