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Endometriosis: A Story About a Girl

Part Two

As we all know, March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and last week’s article covered what in the world endometriosis is and how many women it affects.

This week, we are going to tell you Anna’s story.

When Anna first reached out to me and told me what she was experiencing with her endometriosis, my exact words were “What the fuuuuck! How is this a thing?”

Oh, but it is a thing. It’s a very big thing.

This, is her story.

Anna’s Story

I started going to see specialists from the age of 16.

My official diagnosis via a laparoscopy (key hole surgery) was at the age of 31.

I had so much scar tissue on my organs that they were all stuck together, which means none of them were working to their full potential.

My bowels weren’t working properly as there was scar tissue basically around my bowels like a vine so I was getting constant bowel obstructions which are so damn painful.

So far, I’ve had 2 laparoscopies. My specialist is one of the best for endometriosis in Australia but due to the severity of my condition, even he refuses to operate on me anymore until I’m ready to have a hysterectomy.

My ovaries are literally stuck to me and they can hardly see the left one as it’s hiding behind all the scar tissue.

I’ve had my tubes removed as they were blocked due to the endometriosis so my only option to have a family is through IVF.

Once I have had my family, the doctors want to remove my ovaries as soon as possible as they are stuck together and I literally feel like they are tearing at times.

I have chronic pelvic pain so I’m constantly in agony, and take a combination of Endone and Tramadol, which a lot of the times still doesn’t help the pain and that means a trip to the hospital to get pain relief through an IV.

It’s a nightmare.

The reason I can’t have any more surgery is because I’m a ‘high risk’ patient due to it being so messed up in there.

My specialist literally called it a war zone. He is surprised that I managed for so many years prior to my diagnosis with no relief and without the removal of the endometriosis and adhesions.

And I’m not even the worst case!

One of my best friends has had 19 surgeries and now it’s on her lungs. She has broken a rib coughing and she constantly coughs up blood.

My message for family, friends and partners

My advice to family, friends and partners would be not to push your loved one to do things when they say they can’t. Believe them because the pain is way worse then they even show you.

For partners, don’t pressure your partner in a sexual way because if she can’t, she REALLY can’t physically.

Emotionally, she probably already feels like shit for not being able to have a normal sex life with the person she loves.

The guilt is real.

Another thing friends and family have to be sensitive about is fertility; a huge number of endometriosis sufferers have to deal with fertility issues.

The BEST advice I can give for loved ones is educate yourselves on the disease so that you can understand what the person is going through as best you can – this will help you and the sufferer.

Thank you for reading my story,


A word from Bildo

Thank you Anna, for sharing your story with me.

It can’t be easy going through that for years on end with no easy solution in sight. I commend you on your strength and wish you a healthy and pain-free future!

For all you women out there suffering from this horrific condition, well… I don’t even know what to say.

Saying I’m sorry just doesn’t seem to cut it.

But know that TBoB will keep spreading the message and maybe we can help others find some relief.

Keep on truckin’ ladies!

Thank you everyone, please make sure to share Anna’s story and my first post about Endometriosis so we can spread the word.

And remember – don’t be a dick!


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