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Empowering Women One Elixir At a Time

Product Review Disclosure: This product was provided to me in return for a review. It is my completely honest opinion.

Ladies, have we got stuff to talk about!

Today, we’re specifically talking about Aphrodite.

Aphrodite Image Credit: Cargo Collectove

No, not that one.

No, today we’re talking about…. a VIBRATOR! Yep, we’re talking about Aphrodite, a brand new product by Elixir Play, helping women all over the world get off!

Sit back everyone, it’s gonna get steamy.

Who is Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is our new fun, pocket-rocket, heart shaped vibe designed for you. With multiple vibration patterns and speeds, she will be your new best friend in the bedroom (or out). Elixir Play

I’m about to share my experience with this sweet little pocket rocket.

The Real Aphrodite Image Credit: Elixir Play

You can only imagine the Husband’s delight when I told him that my writing work is the gift that keeps on giving because I have a new toy I must try out and I need his help.

I had to beg him for a long time…

Work research has never been so fun!

I’m a professional, so first I do my research. What I find, I’m very impressed with!

You see, Elixir Play has a focus on women experiencing sex in all it’s glory, in a safe, pleasurable and positive way.

They really want women to feel free to explore their bodies and their sexuality, like men do so goddamn naturally.

Elixir Play also have a blog, loads of information and sexual health resources and honestly, we’re all adults here and it’s worth having a read because it’s sure to help you and the man or woman in your life.

They designed Aphrodite with the view that it will be appealing for women who are not huge masturbators.

Which is pretty much every woman ever.

Let’s get this party started

If you’re going to be awkward about this, please leave now.


Excellent. Now that we’re alone, let’s go.

With all my research done, I’m excited and ready to get started!

By now you’ve noticed that this isn’t a traditional looking vibrator – like, how do you insert it…?

Did you know that as many as 70% of women require external stimulation to orgasm! Elixir Play – Sexual Health Resources

Why, no, I did not know that! But I suppose it makes sense.

So I place it inside my underwear, and I finally discover what that weird little internal undies pocket is really used for.

Aphrodite comes with a remote so you or your partner can be in control. She also has a bunch of vibration patterns and a let me tell you, number one starts out with a bang!

My entire body is shook and, well… it’s not bad. It’s not bad at all.

For the full effect, I spend a bit of time exploring all the different settings and there’s suddently a party in my pants that no one is invited to.

Dragana, my sexy alter ego, has come out to play and she wants to know what the necklace is for.

Did I studder?

No, I did not – Aphrodite comes with a freaking necklace, you guys! Is anyone else excited for how this is gonna go down?

Because I’ve done my research, I know that the necklace is designed for Aphrodite to sit snug in my neck.

Neck Play Image Credit: Elixir Play

So I’ve fastened it and I’m ready to see what this does for me – I’m expecting big things.

What I get is a lot of brain vibration.

It’s not the most pleasant thing, and I feel like the party in my pants in winding down.

But this is when the husband is invited to participate, for research purposes only of course.

“Honey, I’m working on something and need your assistance”

I feel like the primary reason for the necklace vibrator is, how do I put this delicately, for pleasuring the man.

Vibrator fastened securely and sexily as can be, I hand over the remote and leave my fate in the hands of the wide-eyed Husband who looks like he’s just been handed a slab of gold.

If I haven’t been clear enough, my thoughts are that this thing is supposed to vibrate his balls during a BJ.

So this is the scene:

The Husband is having a grand old time changing vibration patterns which are literally shaking my thoughts about my head.

What’s worse, the necklace is more like a choker and frankly, the balls are a little bit further down… So I’m now trying to maneuver my neck into a position that will allow Aphrodite to work on the the boys downstairs while I work on the big guy.

Honestly, I’m cringing writing about this, so you better be appreciating it.

Anyway, I’m in this awkward position and none of it is working, so I say fuck it and just concentrate on vibrating the balls.

But this now means that I’ve put my face in a really weird place and well… I’m officially not feeling it and I don’t really care where the Husband is at, our work here is done.

“Okay, how about we try something different?”

“Wow, wow, not that different, back the fuck up!”

Yea, no, I just meant normal sex with Aphrodite’s assistance externally, back down there where she belongs.

I didn’t like leaving the remote in the Husband’s hands because he can’t possibly guess what vibration pattern was going to do it for me, so I take that back and control my own destiny.

This works a treat and Dragana has the release she’s been waiting for.


So, Dragana’s final verdict is a solid seven out of 10!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the choker – perhaps trying a longer necklace would be more successful so you don’t have to get all bent out of shape to give a brilliant BJ.

But for alone play or for extra stimulation during sex, it’s definitely delightful and will get the juices flowing.

And ladies – don’t be shy. Sex and masturbation can and should be an amazing experience. And there are plenty of toys to help you along the way.

So on that note, head over to Elixir Play to check out what they have on offer and GET SOME!

Thank you everyone, and remember – don’t be a dick! Or a vagina!

Love, B.

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