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Dreaming Big & Acting Bigger

This week on the podcast, I’m dreaming big by ticking of a huge bucket list item – acting!

As I prepare for my head-shot, Lindalin and I take the opportunity to explore her desires – but is she living her dreams already?

Little Bildo Dreams…

As a child, I always wanted to be an actress or singer.

I truly believed that I would get discovered. That someone would see how special I am and give me a spectacular role that will catapult me into greatness.

As you already know – that did not happen.

And I understand why this is. Because I never tried! How can I be discovered when I’m invisible?

I guess my childhood was busy with wars and global relocation’s for me to consider chasing my passions. I suppose no one ever said to me, “Bildo, what would you like to do when you grow up?” Because we all knew the answer to that one – survive.

I wanted to survive. As my family relocated from Mostar to Beograd to Wellington to Brisbane, I didn’t have time for auditions.


That’s not to say that I didn’t have dozens of opportunities in my life that I turned away from, like going to a high school known for it’s drama department and not really participating in the play I was cast in. Ahh, youth is wasted on the young!

Anywho, I am now a grown-ass woman going through a spiritual awakening and as I awake, I realised this – if I want it, I need to get it.

So, digging deep and discovering my dreams, I decided to book into an acting class. This is when I thought to myself “I wonder if Lindalin would like to come with me?”

“Ring, ring, it’s your agent calling.”

The thing is, I’m a hopeless dreamer.

I want to share my dreams with Lindalin, because ever since we started the podcast, we’ve tried so many new things and learned so much and, to me, acting classes are part of this developmental process.

Lindalin is the realist.

She doesn’t go off on random tangents that may or may not connect together in the end. So when I sent her a link for my acting course asking if she’d be interested in going with me, her exact words were:

“Fuck no. Nada. Not in this lifetime. Not gonna happen.” – Lindalin, episode #55.

She was not interested in learning scripts and standing up in front of everyone and acting scenes out. Not if she had to pay for it. Probably not even if it were free.

I think that learning lines for our TikTok’s has frightened her off scripts and acting, which I think isn’t fair because she does a fabulous job learning lines!

Meanwhile, the idea that I would get up on stage and be seen by everyone and have the opportunity to shine – I was all about it.

So what did young Linny want?

When we went into exploring what Lindalin wanted as a young child, turns out – she already has it. Our sweet Linny is living her dreams already.

What she wanted as a youngun was to have a family and be a stay at home mum.


In this day and age of feminism gone rogue, it seems that it’s shameful for women to admit that they want to stay home instead of following a career path…

And that’s beautiful. In this day and age of feminism gone rogue, it seems that it’s shameful for women to admit that they want to stay home instead of following a career path, but there is such beauty in being a mother.

Lindalin figured out something it takes many of us decades to discover – to follow her instincts, to listen to her gut. She followed her gut when she moved across the world to Australia, she followed her gut when she agreed to do the podcast, and as we speak, she is willing all her dreams into existence.

Although being a podcaster wasn’t in her plans, it doesn’t mean it’s not her destiny. Her instincts got her here. And that’s something we could all learn from.

Quiet on the set! And – ACTION!

So in the end, I booked myself in and finished a four week course at Australian Actors Studio and I can now safely say I’m ready for my close up!

Not that I’m willing to audition for roles, I don’t have the gut for that type of competition. I’m still waiting to be discovered, which is technically a dream, and if I’m chasing dreams, I guess that’s a dream I should chase too.

But I do feel like it unlocked a different type of creativity within me, an ability to reinvent; to shed a skin and gain a new one.

And who knows, maybe our friend and unofficial mentor, Matt Okine, will create a new show called The Wine Chicks and the rest, as they say, will be history!

Dream big or keep tryin’

Honestly, you’ve heard this way too many times (and ignored it), but I’m gonna say it again – life is too short!

Don’t waste your time not doing what’s in your heart. I know that sounds lame, I know it does, but it’s true. We get stuck in life, we think there’s no other way – I’ve been there. You think that you can’t change your circumstances, you can’t just go from working in your office job to being an actor.

And if you think like that, you’re right.

But you can try. You can take one step towards what you want. You can Google. You can start with a class. You can find a way.

Be excited about life. Try something new.

Ok, ok, that’s enough from me. Peace out, subscribe to our blog and podcast, and remember – don’t be a dick!




Episode #55 of Wine Chats was proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste

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