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Day Dates & Girl Fights

This week on Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin, we are introducing you to our new life hack – day-dates!

But as the episode wears on, I get increasingly cranky and pick a bone with the fabulous Lindalin.

Thus, a lovers quarrel ensues!

Dating in the Day

Every couple should date. If you’re not dating your love, than what are you even living for?

But as relationships go on, dating can quickly become the last thing on the mind and the first thing to drop off the list due to kids, work, chores, all that good adult stuff.


So we have the perfect solution for couples that find themselves needing some couple time but running out of it – day dates!

Revolutionary, right?

A Date With Camdalin

Camdalin, you like it? It’s the couple name for Lindalin and her husband, Cameron.

Literary genius, I am.

Camdalin have perfected the day date, which was Cameron’s idea, would you believe?  What they enjoy doing is eating, so recently, they did just that.

With the babysitter arranged to arrive mid-morning, they got dolled up, hit the town in an Uber and started munching their way through Brisvegas.


They also did a bunch of walking and shopping so by the time they got home for dinner, they had a full day out of enjoying themselves and being together. And of course, they got home with plenty of time for before dinner sex, which is also highly recommended because you’re not weighed down by your steak and three veg.

Bilry’s Picnics

Ok, so maybe our couple name isn’t as awesome sounding as Camdalin’s but it was either that or Hendo…

Meanwhile, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Henry and I are a little less fancy (and a little more lazy) than Lynds and Cammy.

So when we do day dates, instead of walking around the city, we scoot. Really, it was only once, and I wrote all about our fabulous Brisbane day date here, so let’s not reinvent the electronic scooter.

But what we really truly love doing together is having a home picnic. This is when we get out a towel (not a fancy blanket, fancy things make me feel uncomfortable) and place it on our bed or couch, get a nice spread going and eat like we’re teenagers in Henry’s parent’s house again.

Ahh, the good old days!

But then, we had a fight…

But during this week’s episode, due to my crankiness at malfunctioning equipment and a glass of wine to further enrage me, I decided to pick a bone with my beautiful Lindalin.

Because that’s just the problem – her unforgiving beauty.

It all started when I was chatting with a colleague of ours who complemented Lindalin on her great personality. Of course I pass this information to Lindalin, because I’m not the Devil. So far, so good.

But then, she tells me about her local grocery store lady who likes to yell across the store “LINDALIN!” to say hello to her.

LINDALIN: Billi is shaking her head in disgust… BILDO: I’m just so utterly disappointed in myself that I have never had a person say, “Oh, that Bildo…” – Episode #59

And THEN, she reminds me of the time a friend of mine saw her at her local shops and recognised her, but was too shy to introduce herself. Because of course, Lindalin is fabulous and intimidating.

Now, I’m not complaining (TOTALLY complaining) and it’s not that I want to be famous, I think fame comes with it’s own problems… BUT – I want a little bit of recognition.

And not from my mum or dad. Bless, and thanks, but I hardly think that counts!

So the only logical conclusion I came to is that blondes have more fun. And considering how much maintenance a blonde bob requires, I do think that’s fair enough. But I don’t have to like it.

Pretty, Petty Mess.

So there, I’m petty and I care not.

But I still adore my Lindalin, and it’s not hard to see why others do as well.

Her success is my success, her success is my success, say it with me, her success is my success, her success is my success… there, all better.

Now that I have my green-eyed monster in check (just) let’s wrap up this week with a nice lesson – be blonde! And have more fun.

Yeah, looks like I still have some meditating to do…

The real lesson is, as always, be good and don’t be a dick.

Love and peace,



Episode #59 of Wine Chats is proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste. Check out Lindalin’s review!

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