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Call my dad, I’m in a CULT!

Yes, that’s right, I’m in a cult.

I, my friends, am a Murderino!

And only other Murderino’s would know what the fuck I’m talking about.

For you, I bid good day and say #SSDGM my sistas and brothas!

For the rest of you I’m sure you’re asking yourself “What are you talking about, Bildo?”

Let me enlighten you…

Detectives HardKil!

My Favourite Murder is a podcast that California’s Georgia Hardstark and her partner in loving true crime, Karen Kilgariff started in 2016 following a chance meeting at a party when they realised they had a mutual (and perhaps a little unhealthy) love for true crime, and in particular – murder tales.

Karen and Georgia. Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight

They clicked so instantly over their love of gory murder stories, they decided to start a little podcast, hoping that they would have some sort of audience, and unbothered by the idea that perhaps they won’t.

They need not worry

SPOILER ALERT: They didn’t have to worry.

Because ‘My Favourite Murder’ became an instant hit!

It climbed the podcast charts to hit the top five within weeks and they remain there, firmly and steadily.

So what’s the appeal?

The appeal is the delivery of horrific stories that will make you laugh out loud in the middle of the bus/car/train.

Karen and Georgia are both writers and their sense of humor and wit is so fast and on point, they almost rival my own.

But it’s their honesty, their willingness to talk about their anxieties, their openness about how much being murdered scares them – well – they are all of us.

Fan art Image Credit: Junkee

In this day and age where we are all obsessed with murder and true crime, they seem to have hit the spot in the market and despite their best attempt at warning people against cults, Georgia and Karen have created such a mass following that people might as well be rescued from their accidental religion.

Except, none of us want to be rescued!


Fans of the show call themselves Murderino’s and the support for these two hilarious women has been phenomenal.

There are Facebook groups, Twitter-ers, Instagram pages; there are meet ups, support networks…

People have even gotten Murderino tattoo’s, showing their dedication to the movement!

#SSDGM Tattoo Image Credit: Twitter

Did I mention the merchandise?

Oh the awesome merchandise!

From t-shirts to greeting cards, it’s all been thought of!

Fans have opened up Etsy stores and the MFM team has released their own line of t-shirts, candles, hoodies, socks, the list goes on!

MFM Merch Image Credit: MFM Store

So there, now you know what to get me for my birthday.

The best quotes and most important messages

This post would be nothing without me spreading the underlining messages I now live by, starting with my favourite SSDGM – stay sexy and don’t get murdered!

Some of their other best quotes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Stay out of the forest!

  2. Call your dad, you’re in a cult.

  3. Get a job. Buy your own shit.

  4. Pepper spray first and apologize later.

  5. Lock your fucking door.

  6. Don’t snort shit.

  7. Fuck politeness.

Fuck politeness. Yes!

Saving lives

However, the most impressive thing about MFM by far is all the awareness Georgia and Karen have raised to their loyal listeners about staying safe and using their intuition.

By sharing these murderous stories, they have undoubtedly saved lives, like this lady, who credits MFM for her lucky escape from a dude who tried to rape her in broad daylight.

And don’t get in the damn car!

The podcast has brought to light how being polite can get you killed!

Like, you know when you get that feeling that you really shouldn’t get in the car with the strange man offering you a ride, but you do it anyway because you don’t want to be rude?

Never get in the car!

BE RUDE! And don’t get in the damn car! Because that’s how people get kidnapped and you don’t want that.

They are my people

Ultimately though, these women are my people and they inspire (and scare) me to do what I’m doing – something that I love.

They took their passion for scary stories and started the little podcast that could, ultimately creating a world wide phenomenon. They created their own world.

“Here’s the thing: fuck everyone.” – Karen and Georgia, My Favourite Murder

But more than that, to me personally, being a funny female is a hard task without constantly using vaginas and periods to shock and engage the audience.

And this is exactly what Karen and Georgia have managed to do, without even trying.

That, combined with their love for blogs (I know you had your own blog at 27 Georgia!), makes me adore them even more!

So on that murdery note, stay out of the forest and don’t be a dick!

I wanna know – are you a Murderino?


FEATURE IMAGE Credit: Pinterest

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