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Bow Down to Your Mama

It’s Mothers Day weekend and before we celebrate the reason you’re alive, first, a little Housekeeping.

Let us say that if you are suffering this weekend because you lost your mama, or you want to be a mama, or if this day brings you sadness for whatever reason – we are with you. Here at Wine Chats, our hearts go out to you and we raise our wine glasses high in your honour.

Now, onto the happy stuff.


Mothers everywhere!

You deserve gold.

Pure gold!

You deserve rose petals to walk on, you deserve free massages and wine, free chocolates and coffee.

And I say that in all seriousness.

What a special role to play, birthing and raising society.

Before I became a mother, I didn’t get what the big deal was. Like, you birthed a kid, good for you. But since going through birth twice (three times for sweet Lindalin) – I get it.

It’s not just the pain of childbirth – although that is a huge factor, because childbirth is painful af – but it’s all the expectation that you’ll keep the kids alive and fed and clean and do it all with poise and whilst sober.

How do Bildo and Lindalin celebrate?

Lindalin knows what she wants – girlfriend likes to be acknowledged. And to be fair to her, if anyone deserves being showered with love and adoration on this special day, it’s her.


Lindalin and family

Lindalin runs the tightest ship I’ve ever seen. While my ship is constantly leaking, hers is immaculate – she even has a display cabinet to host three photos and some decorative vases. She would have to dust that ALL THE TIME!

I mean, why would you want that?

But she seems to revel in motherhood and household maintenance.  So on Mothers Day, Lindalin wants effort and consideration.

For me – it’s a little trickier. Because whilst I also want to be adored and showered with love – I’ve never really told the Husband that. I am very low maintenance and we don’t celebrate anything, not even our anniversary. I’m not about to start with the demands now…

Plus, I hardly ever do the dusting.


Bildo with her daughters

Usually when Mothers Day rolls around, I am given a free pass at life. I get to just go to a movie or a massage by myself, I just get to have a me day.

Except, with the Rona in full force this year, all I have is me time. Me time, all the time. We all do. So I have no idea what I want this year, since I already have what I want in bundles.

A time to appreciate

Motherhood celebrations aside, let us not forget to mention our children in all of this. Because Mothers Day is a time to celebrate the reason we are mothers, the little people that make our lives a little more sleepless but a lot more meaningful.


Celebrate your children, play with them, enter their world and let them take care of you. Teach them what Mothers Day is and why they should kiss the ground you walk on. Start ’em young, you know…

And most of all, appreciate yourself. Eat that guilt-free chocolate and wear that muu-muu today.

Because you deserve it, babe!

Here’s a cheers to all the mothers of the world, the society creators, the night time cuddlers.

We would be nothing without you!

Love to you all,



Episode #44 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste.

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