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Beautiful Moments with my Daughters

I love being a mother of daughters.

With both my pregnancies, I knew I was having girls.

I never saw myself mothering boys. How do you even deal with their baby junk? I just don’t get it…

Catch up with Emails to my Daughters and Dear Kid.

So almost four years into our marriage, we have two beautiful, wonderful girls to raise. We are so lucky to be their parents.


Every day, I have a thousand moments with my daughters. We have moments when we are laughing, we have moments when we are crying, we have moments when we are quiet and we have moments when we are just hanging out.

So in honour of the beautiful life I have and all the love that I feel for my children, I would like to tell you about some of the most special moments I share with my daughters. Starting with the toilet.

Wait, what?

Toilet Treasures

My two year old is potty trained but still needs assistance with getting up and down off the toilet. And then of course, cleaning herself because she still has short little arms.

Side note: It’s amazing how long our arms get as we grow. Some are longer than others (you know who you are), but generally speaking, the fact that we can wipe our own butt comfortably is taken for granted a little bit, I think.

white toilet paper

Anyway, I love taking my daughter to the toilet. Especially when she’s all sleepy, with her lips all pouty and her hair messy as hell.

As I’m on my knees in front of her, she will often motion for me to put my head on her shoulder. She will then tell me to close my eyes and to sleep while she strokes my face. If she sees me open my eyes, she will gently whisper “sleeeep” with her little lisp.

I could stay there forever, even if it stinks sometimes.

Other times, she will ask for my toilet book, and will hold it upside down and pretend to read it on the toilet.

Monkey see, monkey do. It’s wonderful.

Sleeping with Beauty

My baby, my nine month old, my life, is the sweetest thing alive. She is the smiliest, happiest baby on the planet and the best part – she goes to sleep relatively easily.

As a teeny, tiny baby, she didn’t like being rocked to sleep. She just wanted to be left alone and she would adjust, get comfy and drift off. Amazing!


Nowadays, she’s a little more demanding but all she really wants is to hold my hand as she drifts off. So imagine her sweet little sleepy face and her chubby little fingers, looking for my hand to hold as she’s falling asleep.

I have honestly never felt the kind of love that I feel when my children are sleeping (primarily because they are not hanging off me).

And I spend the time watching her slip off to dreamland, thanking every star in the sky for the opportunity to be present while she rests her pretty little head.

Play Time

It’s not just me playing with my kids that excites me – it’s watching them play with each other! The baby is now big enough to be interactive and she is very easily entertained.

The big kid will jump around like a frog and yell “ribbet” and the baby will giggle and laugh like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

Then there are the quiet moments when they lie together and share a bottle of milk while chatting and making silly noises.


It’s magic. It’s glory. It’s parenthood at it’s finest.

But a drop of water in a lake

Those are only three notable moments of the life I enjoy with my daughters.

There are a million more daily that I experience. Don’t get me wrong – there are a million other moments I experience too, like anger and frustration when my kid wants ice cream for breakfast and chips for lunch, refusing all other options.

But that’s what we signed up for. And I regret nothing.


Tell me – what are your favourite moments with your children?

Thanks for stopping by guys and until next time, adios!


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