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Anxiety, You Bish!

Do you ever get anxious?

Because in our episode this week, we talk about anxiety in all it’s glory, from parenting worries – like bunk beds collapsing on our children – to home alone fears – like how to manage break ins.

Honestly, if you weren’t worried about any of this stuff before, you’re sure going to worry about it now!

But fear not – there will be wine and humour – and a tip to help you fend off attackers with none other than Peppa Pig!

Goodbye anxiety, you bish!

Why I don’t watch the news…

We kicked off this week’s episode with Lindalin telling me all about a child sex offender who was living in my area, right across the street from a school, who was on the news for just that – being a child sex offender living across from a school.

What Lindalin didn’t know was that not only did I know exactly where this person was living because I frequent the cafe located across the street – but that I actually knew this person.


This was a client of mine through my previous work. It was my job to assist him with participating in the community and guess how all of that ended?

With me getting panic attacks at work!

I had never in my life felt so out of place then I did at my old job and this was the exact reason I quit my job to start focusing on my blogging and podcasting.

But that doesn’t mean that all my anxiety has been alleviated…

Tell me it will all be ok…

I’m sure I still carry around vicarious trauma from working in the disability sector and with victims of crime. There are some stories that I will never be able to shake.


Becoming a mother is what changed everything for me. This is when I stopped being able to compartmentalise the information that I was taking in at work as “work thoughts”, as these situations and scenarios started creeping into my every day life. I started to worry that everyone will eventually become disabled or a victim of crime.

I was scared to walk around at lunch by myself, in broad daylight. I still have fear when I’m home alone that someone will break into my house and try and hurt me and my kids.

Those are the anxieties I live with.

Lindalin, sweet Lindalin, worries about more practical things…

“Dear Google, why do my bunk beds wobble?”

Collapsing bunk beds are a thing, right?


But it’s one of the things that has the power to keep Lindalin up as she gets up in the night to check that her boys haven’t been squished in their sleep. When home alone, she’s even taken the time to climb to the top bunk and shake the bed to make sure it’s secure.

She has suggested to her husband, Cameron, that they secure the beds to the wall, but him being somewhat of an engineer, he rolled his eyes and moved on with his life.

Motherhood anxieties

But something about having kids truly does open the door to anxieties that were never a thing.


Like how I always visualise my kids being hit by a car and their head going under the tires. I don’t know where I get that from, I don’t know where this irrational fear comes from – I’ve never been in an accident, never witnessed anything so gruesome – and yet as I walk my kids along the street, I hold their hands for dear life lest one of them suddenly and unexpectedly grasshopper’s over the sidewalk and straight under a driving car.

And then there are the concerns about our children’s future partners. Lindalin worries  that her sons will marry someone who she won’t like or who will take her sons away from her. She worries that she’ll be a difficult mother-in-law.

And not gonna lie, I probably agree that she won’t be the nicest. And if we’re honest about it, she’s probably the meanest Canadian any of us know, amiright??

Be Merry

We are all anxious!

I get it.

Just don’t be that guy that ruminates themselves into anxiety by overthinking shit scenarios over and over. That’s a merry-go-round that won’t lead to anywhere good.

Be healthy, eat healthy, breathe healthy, meditate.

And send us an email! If you have an anxiety you’d like to share, feel free to contact us.

Love to you all and remember – don’t be a dick!

Peace out,



Episode #54 of Wine Chats with Bildo & LIndalin was proudly sponsored by Taylors Wines.

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