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An email to my daughter: Dear Kid…

I write emails to my daughters. The Husband and I have been doing this since they were born and they will receive their email addresses for their 21st birthdays.

My previous post on this subject covered what I write to them about, but here is an example of a typical email that I would write, one I already sent to my older daughter.

An Email to my Daughter

Hey boo boo,

What’s up? How’s your day going?

You can think about it. Take a second… DING!

I don’t know if you’re cool enough to get that reference, but I’ll just assume you are.

Anyway, wanted to give you a bit of an update. There are a few hilarious things happening with you right now that are definitely worth noting.

You are two years and two months old. Your baby sister is 4 months. You’re still a bit of a tank, she’s just a normal baby size.

Current events:

Numero Uno: Do the words “Ballet-Tutu” mean anything to you? Because, right now? They rule my fucking life. We cannot really leave the house, or even the confines of your bed, without wearing a ballet tutu. We have a blue one, a navy one, an orange one (that’s actually a dress but you still like it) a pink one, and two black ones. The first black one says #princess on it and the other one is a bat-girl costume. You just love wearing your dresses, but we like dressing you casual, and so most days, you look like a clown. Soz not soz.


Dva: You don’t like your hair being tied. I brush it every morning because you wake up with a real bad case of crazy hair. You’ll wear a bow, but that’s a new addition, you didn’t even like that till recently. Your real problem is that you have my hair. Out of all the fab things you could have gotten from me, you got my hair. I am so sorry. But I hope one day you’ll like it and it will be pretty and lush. Yeah… let’s hope for that…


Tri: You love your baby sister. Today, I found you including her in your games, like when mummy was coming up the stairs and you were hiding on the couch bed, under the blanket, with your baby sister next to you! When I ran over to lift the blanket off you crazy cats, you were both smiling! You love her and give her lots of cuddles. it’s adorable!


Četri: You love Emma Wiggle! You love all the Wiggles, but you love Emma. In fact, I’m 98% sure that this is the reason for the ballet tutu obsession and the allowance of the bow in your hair. And you know all their songs. And dance moves. You would bring the house down and a toddler dance off. And you like singing too, we have a microphone here for you and you love singing into it. You get that from me, so you’re welcome on that front!


Pet: You are still a massive pain in the ass to put to sleep. Your baby sister is so good, she knows she’s sleepy, we put her down and she goes to sleep. I hope she teaches you this trick ASAP.

Anyway, that’s it for now kiddo. Hope you’re in a good place! Love you boo boo.


A word from the Author

So you see, I like to send her photos and give her updates. I always imagine her sitting down to read this, maybe it’s projected in a hologram, cause it’s in 20 years after all. She’s in her early 20’s, and smiling at reading about herself.

And I wonder if I’ve spoken to her the day that she reads this. What she looks like? Is she tying her hair yet and wearing pants without crying…? So many things I look forward to finding out.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the fresh smell of my young babies. And try to savour every day. Every day that they aren’t driving me nuts, that is…




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