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A Walk Down ‘Wine Chats Culinary Road’…

Want to impress us? Then all you will need is a delectable charcuterie board or some cabbage rolls. Maybe some perogies too, served with sour creme… Mmmm.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Because things are about to get more delicious as we take you down WC Culinary Road, where you will learn all about our lunchtime adventures, favourite recipes and Slavic foodie heritage.

Let’s take a walk down 'Wine Chats Culinary Road'.

Working Gals

When Lindalin and I work together, busily recording our podcast episodes and (in)famous TikTok videos, undoubtedly, our favourite time of the day is lunch time!

We normally put together a smorgasbord of foods that we have at home, whether it be leftovers or bits and pieces to create a picnic.


And this isn’t new – when we worked together way back when there were three of us, we had a habit of heading to the shops in the morning and buying some dried meat, dips, cheese, a big loaf of bread, a variety of snacky foods, and having ourselves a feast in the office. As you can imagine, we were very popular.

Over the years, this is how we’ve always eaten. In fact, I’m sure that our mutual love of food contributes to our sweet, sweet love for each other.

Can we cue in an “AWWWWWWW”?

Minced Meat Soup

Lindalin tends to inspire my own home cooking and because of her, I now know how to make shepherds pie, pasta bakes, soups and she’s given me the ultimate gift of introducing me to Aldi Dinner Hacks (essentially, food that seems home made, but ain’t.)

A few weeks ago, Lindalin serves me with a dish I’ve heard of but never tried.

Which was delicious – but in all honesty, it was minced meat soup. There’s really no better way to describe it. And served with cheesy garlic bread when the world outside is a persistently cool 19 degrees, it was the perfect meal to warm our cold, cold hearts.

Mother’s Cooking

We got to talking about our mothers and the way we grew up being influenced by their cooking.

Lindalin’s mother is part Ukrainian and part Polish, so it turns out that we grew up around a lot of the same foods, like the cabbage rolls and stews.


It got me thinking about the immense pressure I feel as a mother to make food for my kids knowing how much my own mother’s cooking influenced me not only as a child but as an adult.

What am I teaching my kids? Am I instilling in them a love for cooking, a love for creating meals that they enjoy?

Linny makes effort to make meals that will teach her kids their heritage, meanwhile, I’m making every type of chicken and potato dishes I can get away with.

I may not enjoy cooking, but I LOVE eating…

I’ve never liked cooking, it’s just not where my passions lie.

But tell you what – I LOVE eating. I love it. I get cranky af when I have a meal that was sub par. I mean, sure, there are times when I make something and it’s average, but when I make a complete mess of a meal or order something at a restaurant that turns out to be blah, I legitimately get cranky.


What a waste of stomach space!

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, just get some proscuitto, a cheese (hard, soft, blue are all acceptable) and let there be something pickled. Except for pickles themselves, they can get fucked.

Bon Appetit

That’s it from us for another week and if you have a recipe we should try (and by ‘we’ I mean Linny) then please make sure you contact us!

Happy eating, and no pressure, but you are totally giving your kids life time memories, so why not venture out and make them some chilli so they can ask you why you made them minced meat soup?

Love and good food to you,



Episode #53 of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste

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