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5 Reasons Why Every Girlfriend Needs a Girlfriend

Women are creatures of wonder.

We are intricate labyrinths of mystery and poise.

Which just means we are complicated as hell. It’s no wonder that men just can’t seem to understand what in the world is going on under all that fabulous hair and overall perfect exterior.

This is why every girlfriend needs a girlfriend. We need each other because…

A girlfriend will understand you when your everyone else just can’t

Have you ever been part of a group conversation where you’re internally cringing and you lock eyes with your girlfriend, and you both just know where it’s at?

And then you get a second alone and you don’t even have to get the full sentence out before you’re both talking and listening simultaneously?

Ahh, girlfriends…


It’s like we all have this seventh sense for each other, this unbreakable connection, a connection so strong that we hardly have to speak to get our point across. Your girlfriends will sympathize with you, they’ll laugh with you, they’ll judge others with you and they have the ability to help you understand that you are not the problem, everyone else is.

Unless you are the problem, in which case…

Honesty is a girlfriend’s best friend

Your girls should always be honest with you. And a girlfriend is really the best placed person to tell you the truth and pull you into line if you’ve been extra crazy and missed the normal person boat.


Girlfriends are amazing at warring against different factions with you but even they should tell you when you’re out of line.  They are the only ones not in mortal danger when they voice their opinions. We all know the danger a male would be in for trying to do the same thing.

Your girlfriends will grieve with you

Girlfriends are god’s gift to a broken heart.

Whether it be the loss of a deadbeat boyfriend or shitty job, girlfriends will get the ice cream, vodka, cigarettes and a blankie and they will proceed to shower you with love and give you space to ugly cry.


They will let you talk and talk and talk without saying the words “this isn’t therapy” (fuck you MAFS Mike) because every woman knows that when you’re talking to your girlfriend about your problems – well, that’s is quite literally the exact definition of therapy…

A girlfriend won’t try to fix your problems

And speaking of therapy, when you’re having a bad day and you just want to vent to someone, look no further than your female friends.

It’s not that men don’t want to listen to you go on for 40 minutes about the coffee machine not working on the same day you got your period and wore white pants, but men will want to fix the coffee machine, tell you how to ease your period pain and offer to soak your pants.

Like… shush!


That’s why venting girlfriend to girlfriend is the only option when it comes to the absolutely reasonable problems of womanhood.

Because I don’t want my problems to be solved. I can soak my own pants, goddammit!

All I really want to do is talk about my issues over and over again until I’m tired of hearing myself speak.

Girl Talk

But the best thing about girlfriends is that they are happy when you succeed and will cry with you when you don’t; they will talk shit with you over wine and cheese and support you in your crazy ventures.

Which brings me to my little tribe, my ladies, my women.


Girl Talk by Bildo is a new Facebook Group that I started for a special little project that I’m working on. I am yet to announce what this is but in the meantime, I started the group to open up conversations between the women around me.

And the open discussions that have taken place, the intimacy that has grown between us – well, it’s just been so special to see.

So, girlfriends, this is a dedication to you. Thank you for being part of my team. For your participation and for your willingness to be honest and to share your lives with me.

But mostly, for supporting me in my crazy ventures. I couldn’t do it without you! And frankly, I wouldn’t want to.

Love to you all and please, head over to the group and join the conversation.

And tell me – what do you love about your girlfriends?


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